1. used to refer to a woman, girl, or female animal previously mentioned or easily identified.
    "my sister told me that she was not happy"
    • used to refer to a ship, vehicle, country, or other inanimate thing regarded as female.
      "I was aboard the St Roch shortly before she sailed for the Northwest Passage"
    • used to refer to a person or animal of unspecified sex.
      "only include your child if you know she won't distract you"
    • any female person.
      "she who rocks the cradle rules the world"
      her or hers.
      "give she lavender oil"
      it (used to refer to something not usually regarded as female).
      "reckon some decent weather and she'll be right"
shes (plural noun)
  1. a female; a woman.
    "is that a he or a she?"
Middle English: probably a phonetic development of the Old English feminine personal pronoun hēo, hīe.
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How to use she in a sentence?

Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her: but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.

she crowdsourced advice on album art and even posted an early version of the song so fans could vote for their favorite chorus.
she would be more likely to use a temporal connective such as before, after, or then than to use a causal connective.
I asked Quiroz about his mother and the santos she used to sell - saints that could cure illness or a broken heart.
once the decision was finally made to transition, she was overwhelmed with the support from her immediate family.
she hastened her daughter's steps, lest she be demoralized by beholding the free manners of these ‘mad English’.
If the boss knew how much time you spent shopping online or Facebooking, do you think he or she would be happy?.
she was convinced that she saved a lot of petrol money by turning the engine off and freewheeling down the hill.
she has been awarded more than $4.5 million in residuals and profits from the highly successful television show.
it's a shame to see a yacht drop her sails and start the diesel just because she has to make a few short tacks.
she had made up her mind that the woman had been defenestrated, although the official verdict had been suicide.
she went for the boho look in a floor-length green dress teamed with a fringed jacket and chandelier earrings.
there was no point in calling her attention to the implications of her statement, she would only take it ill.
unconsciously, she has spent her whole life looking for a man who could live up to the ideal of her father.
she puts on a disguise, assumes a different persona, and cruises the squalid bars on the bad side of town.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (PRONOUN)sy
Arabic (PRONOUN)انها, قالت انها
Bangla তিনি
Bosnian (Latin) Ona
Bulgarian (PRONOUN)тя
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (PRONOUN)ella
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (PRONOUN)ona
Czech (PRONOUN)ona
Danish (PRONOUN)hun
Dutch (PRONOUN)ze, zij
Estonian (PRONOUN)ta
Fijian a
Filipino siya
Finnish (PRONOUN)hän
French (PRONOUN)elle
German (PRONOUN)Sie
Greek (PRONOUN)αυτή
Haitian Creole li
Hebrew (PRONOUN)היא, שהיא
Hindi (PRONOUN)वह, उसने
Hmong Daw nws
Hungarian (PRONOUN)ő
Icelandic (PRONOUN)hún
Indonesian (PRONOUN)dia, ia
Italian (PRONOUN)lei
Japanese (PRONOUN)彼女
Kiswahili (PRONOUN)yeye
Klingon ghaH
Korean (PRONOUN)그녀, 그녀가
Latvian (PRONOUN)viņa
Lithuanian (PRONOUN)ji
Malagasy izy
Malay (Latin) (PRONOUN)dia, beliau
Maltese (PRONOUN)hi
Norwegian Bokmål Hun
Persian (PRONOUN)او
Polish (PRONOUN)ona
Portuguese (PRONOUN)ela
Querétaro Otomi Nunu̲
Romanian (PRONOUN)ea
Russian (PRONOUN)она
Samoan Sa ia
Serbian (Cyrillic) Она
Serbian (Latin) Ona
Slovak (PRONOUN)ona
Slovenian (PRONOUN)ona
Spanish (PRONOUN)ella
Swedish (PRONOUN)hon
Tahitian Ua
Tamil (PRONOUN)அவர்
Telugu ఆమె
Thai (PRONOUN)เธอ, หล่อน
Tongan Na'a ne
Turkish (PRONOUN)o
Ukrainian (PRONOUN)вона
Urdu (PRONOUN)وہ
Vietnamese (PRONOUN)cô, cô ấy, bà
Welsh (PRONOUN)hi
Yucatec Maya Leti'
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