shows (third person present) · showed (past tense) · showing (present participle) · shown (past participle)
  1. be, allow, or cause to be visible.
    "wrinkles were starting to show on her face" ·
    "the glow of a city skyline showed up ahead" · "the muscles of her jaws showed white through the skin" · "a white blouse will show the blood" · "a rising moon showed up the wild seascape"
    be visible · be seen · be in view · manifest · appear · be revealed ·
    be obvious
    be invisible
    • offer, exhibit, or produce (something) for inspection.
      "an alarm salesperson should show an ID card" ·
      "he wants to show you all his woodwork stuff"
      display · exhibit · put on show · put on display · put on view ·
      expose to view · unveil · present · launch · introduce · air · demonstrate · set out · set forth · arrange · array · flaunt · parade · uncover · reveal
    • put on display in an exhibition or competition.
      "he ceased rather early in his career to show his work" ·
      "other artists who showed there included Robert Motherwell"
      display · exhibit · put on show · put on display · put on view ·
      expose to view · unveil · present · launch · introduce · air · demonstrate · set out · set forth · arrange · array · flaunt · parade · uncover · reveal
    • present (a film or television programme) on a screen for viewing.
      "ITV showed The Enforcer on Saturday night"
      show · present · air · broadcast · transmit · televise · put out ·
      put on the air · telecast · relay
    • (of a film) be presented for viewing.
      "a movie showing at the Venice Film Festival"
    • indicate (a particular time, measurement, etc.).
      "a travel clock showing the time in different cities"
    • represent or depict in art.
      "a postcard showing the Wicklow Mountains"
    • (show oneself)
      allow oneself to be seen; appear in public.
      "he was amazed that she would have the gall to show herself"
      appear · turn up · arrive · make/put in an appearance ·
      present oneself/itself · come into view/sight · emerge · surface · loom · become visible · show oneself/itself · reveal oneself/itself · show one's face · come to light · pop up · show up · fetch up · pitch up · blow in
    • informal
      arrive for an appointment or at a gathering.
      "only two waitresses showed up for work" ·
      "her date failed to show"
      appear · arrive · come · get here · get there · be present ·
      put in an appearance · make an appearance · materialize · turn up · present oneself · report · clock in · sign in · clock on · punch in · punch the (time) clock · show up
  2. allow (a quality or emotion) to be perceived; display.
    "it was Frank's turn to show his frustration" ·
    "her students had shown great courage"
    manifest · make manifest · exhibit · reveal · convey · communicate ·
    make known · indicate · express · proclaim · intimate · make plain · make obvious · signify · evince · evidence · disclose · betray · divulge · give away
    • accord or treat someone with (a specified quality).
      "he urged his soldiers to show no mercy" ·
      "he has learned to show women some respect"
    • (of an emotion) be noticeable.
      "he tried not to let his relief show"
    • informal
      (of a woman) be visibly pregnant.
      "Shirley was four months pregnant and just starting to show"
  3. demonstrate or prove.
    "experts say this shows the benefit of regular inspections" ·
    "the figures show that the underlying rate of inflation continues to fall"
    prove · demonstrate · confirm · show beyond doubt · manifest ·
    produce/submit proof · produce/submit evidence · establish evidence · evince · witness to · give substance to · determine · demonstrate the truth of · convince someone · substantiate · corroborate · verify · establish · ratify · validate · authenticate · attest · certify · testify · document · bear out
    • (show oneself)
      prove or demonstrate oneself to be.
      "she showed herself to be a harsh critic" ·
      "the youth soon showed himself a canny batsman"
    • explain or demonstrate something to.
      "he showed the boy how to operate the machine"
      demonstrate to · point out to · explain to · describe to ·
      expound to · clarify · make clear · illustrate · explicate · expound · elucidate · teach · instruct someone in · give instructions in · give an idea of · tutor someone in · indoctrinate someone in
    • conduct or lead.
      "show them in, please"
      escort · accompany · take · walk · conduct · lead · usher · bow ·
    finish third or in the first three in a race.
    "Greenough was the only other rider clear in round one, but she failed to show for the tiebreaker"
shows (plural noun)
  1. a spectacle or display, typically an impressive one.
    "spectacular shows of bluebells"
  2. a play or other stage performance, especially a musical.
    performance · public performance · theatrical performance · production ·
    staging · play · drama · film · concert · musical · piece · gig
  3. an outward appearance or display of a quality or feeling.
    "Joanie was frightened of any show of affection"
  4. medicine
    a discharge of blood and mucus from the vagina at the onset of labour or menstruation.
  5. US
    an opportunity for doing something; a chance.
    "I didn't have a show"
    chance · lucky chance · good time · golden opportunity · time ·
    occasion · moment · favourable time/occasion/moment · right set of circumstances · appropriate time/occasion/moment · suitable time/occasion/moment · opportune time/occasion/moment · opening · option · window (of opportunity) · slot · turn · go · (clear) run · field day · possibility · scope · freedom · latitude · room to manoeuvre · elbow room · show · a kick at the can/cat · shot · break · look-in
Old English scēawian ‘look at, inspect’, from a West Germanic base meaning ‘look’ ; related to Dutch schouwen and German schauen.
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the fact that a storm may show up the poor condition of a flat roof does not signify that storm was the proximate cause of damage to it.

Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome.

Brené Brown
in soft rocks a profile drawn normally to the beach would show a concave form comparable with the long profile of a river.
from the character arcs to the look of the show and even the soundtrack, it's all down to the word of the showrunner.
she has been awarded more than $4.5 million in residuals and profits from the highly successful television show.
they sent out false announcements of art events to the media, getting reporters to show up for non-events.
the textbooks show an irritating parochialism, to wit an almost total exclusion of papers not in English.
Greenough was the only other rider clear in round one, but she failed to show for the tiebreaker.
what we want is to go out of here quiet, and talk this show up, and sell the rest of the town.
as the host of an all-night radio show, Shepard would commune with his insomniac listeners.
a show of independence is its only hope of avoiding annihilation in next year's elections.
you can't promote your party all over Twitter and then get mad when bare people show up.
liver function tests show mild abnormalities in patients with polymyalgia rheumatica.
the individuals who were pranked thought they were auditioning to be a TV show host.
adequate preparation will decrease stress levels and make for a smooth-running show.
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How to say show in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)wys, toon, vertoon
Arabic (VERB)إظهار, تظهر, تبين, أظهر, يظهر
(NOUN)المعرض, عرض, اعرض, العرض, معرض
Bangla প্রদর্শন করা হবে
Bosnian (Latin) Pokaži
Bulgarian (VERB)показват, покаже
(NOUN)шоу, Покажи, шоуто, изложение, предаване
Cantonese (Traditional) 顯示
Catalan (VERB)Mostra, demostrar
(NOUN)espectacle, demostració, xou, saló
Chinese Simplified 显示
Chinese Traditional 顯示
Croatian (VERB)pokazati, prikaz, pojaviti
(NOUN)Prikaži, predstava, šou, emisija, revija, serija
Czech (NOUN)Ukázat, pořad
(VERB)zobrazit, ukazují, Ukaž
Danish (VERB)Vis, vise, røbe, få vist
Dutch (NOUN)Toon
(VERB)tonen, weergeven, laten zien, blijkt, toont, geven, laat
Estonian (NOUN)Näita
(VERB)näidata, Kuva, näitavad
Fijian vakaraitaka na
Filipino ipakita ang
Finnish (NOUN)Näytä
(VERB)osoittavat, näyttää, esitellä
French (VERB)montrer, afficher, voir, démontrer, indiquent, présenter
(NOUN)spectacle, émission, exposition, salon
German (VERB)zeigen, anzeigen, einblenden
(NOUN)Sendung, Messe, Ausstellung
Greek (NOUN)εμφάνιση, προβολή, επίδειξη, παράσταση, παρουσιάζει
(VERB)δείχνουν, δείξει, δείξουμε, παρουσιάζουν, εμφανίσετε, δείτε
Haitian Creole montre
Hebrew (NOUN)הצג, המופע, הצגה, מופע
(VERB)להראות, להציג, הראה, מראים, תראה, הצגת, תראי
Hindi (NOUN)दिखाएँ, शो, प्रदर्शन
(VERB)दिखाने, दिखा, दिखाते, दिखाओ, दर्शाये, चलता, दिखाई, प्रदर्शित
Hmong Daw qhia
Hungarian (NOUN)Térkép
(VERB)mutat, mutasd, azt mutatják, megjelenítése
Icelandic (NOUN)Sýna
(VERB)sýning, Sýndu, birta
Indonesian (NOUN)Tampilkan, pertunjukan, acara
(VERB)menunjukkan, Perlihatkan, menampilkan
Italian (NOUN)Visualizza, spettacolo, Vedi, Mostra, esposizione
(VERB)mostrare, visualizzare, dimostrano, indicano, vedere
Japanese (NOUN)ショー, 番組, 詳細
(VERB)表示, 示す, 見せ, 見せる, 見る, 示し, 示します, 紹介
Kiswahili (VERB)Onyesha, Onesha, kuonyesha, kuwaonyesha, kuonesha
Klingon 'agh
Korean (NOUN)쇼, 공연, 보기, 전시회
(VERB)보여줄, 표시, 보여, 게재, 표시할, 나타낼
Latvian (VERB)parādīt, rādīt, pierādītu, norāda
(NOUN)parādiet, liecina, šovs, izrāde, rādīšana, slaidrādi
Lithuanian (VERB)parodyti, rodo, įrodyti, rodomi
(NOUN)Rodyti, šou, parodoje
Malagasy asehoy ny
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)Papar, persembahan
(VERB)Tunjuk, menunjukkan, Tayang, memaparkan
Maltese (VERB)juru, Uri, turi, juri, jurux, jindikaw
Norwegian Bokmål Vis
Persian (VERB)نشان دادن, نشان, نشان بده
(NOUN)نمایش, نمايش, یافتن
Polish (NOUN)Pokaż
(VERB)pokazać, uwidocznić, wykazują, wyświetlić
Portuguese (VERB)mostrar, demonstrar, exibir, aparecer
(NOUN)Visualizar, espectáculo, espetáculo, programa
Querétaro Otomi Mostrar
Romanian (NOUN)Arată, spectacol, Afișare
(VERB)arate, afişa, manifestare
Russian (VERB)показать, отображение, продемонстрировать
(NOUN)шоу, посмотреть, выставка, показ
Samoan Faaali atu
Serbian (Cyrillic) Прикажи
Serbian (Latin) Prikaži
Slovak (VERB)Ukázať, ukazujú, zobrazenie, ukáže
Slovenian (NOUN)Prikaži, Pokaži, kažejo, oddaji, predstava
(VERB)pokazati, prikazati, razstava, kaže
Spanish (NOUN)mostrar, espectáculo, demostración, ver, programa, exposición
(VERB)demostrar, enseñar, indican, presenta
Swedish (NOUN)Visa, showen, föreställningen
(VERB)visar, utställning
Tahitian a faaite i te
Tamil (VERB)காண்பி, காண்பிக்க
(NOUN)காட்சி, காட்சியை
Telugu షో
Thai (VERB)แสดง, แส
Tongan fakaha
Turkish (VERB)göster
(NOUN)gösteri, şov, şovu, program
Ukrainian (NOUN)показати, шоу, виставці
(VERB)показувати, відображати, Покажіть
Urdu (NOUN)نمایش, شو
(VERB)دکھائیں, دکھا, دکھانے, دکھاتا, ظاہر, بتانے, اظہار
Vietnamese (NOUN)hiển thị
(VERB)hiện, thấy
Welsh (VERB)dangos, ddangos, Dengys
Yucatec Maya We'esik
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