shrieks (third person present) · shrieked (past tense) · shrieked (past participle) · shrieking (present participle)
  1. utter a high-pitched piercing sound or words, especially as an expression of terror, pain, or excitement.
    "the audience shrieked with laughter" ·
    "‘There it is!’ she shrieked" · "she was shrieking abuse at a taxi"
    scream · screech · squeal · squawk · roar · howl · bellow · bawl ·
    shout · yell · cry · cry out · call · call out · call at the top of one's voice · clamour · bay · cheer · yawp · yelp · squall · caterwaul · whoop · wail · raise one's voice · holler
    • (of something inanimate) make a high-pitched screeching sound.
      "the wheels shrieked as the car sped away"
    • be very obvious or strikingly discordant.
      "the answer shrieked at her all too clearly" ·
      "the patterned carpets shrieked at Blanche from the shabby store"
shrieks (plural noun)
  1. a high-pitched piercing cry or sound; a scream.
    "shrieks of laughter"
    scream · screech · squeal · squawk · roar · howl · bellow · bawl ·
    shout · yell · cry · call · clamour · bay · cheer · yawp · yelp · squall · caterwaul · whoop · wail · holler
  2. informal
    an exclamation mark.
late 15th century (as a verb): imitative; compare with dialect screak, Old Norse skrækja, also with screech.
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How to use shriek in a sentence?
the patterned carpets shrieked at Blanche from the shabby store.
the woman, with a piercing shriek, called the watch.
towards midnight a demoniacal shriek was heard.
the answer shrieked at her all too clearly.
the wheels shrieked as the car sped away.
the audience shrieked with laughter.
she was shrieking abuse at a taxi.
‘There it is!’ she shrieked.
shrieks of laughter.
How to say shriek in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Arabic (NOUN)زعق, صرخة, تصرخ, صرخ
Bangla প্রচন্ড আওয়াজ
Bosnian (Latin) vrisak
Bulgarian писък
Cantonese (Traditional) 尖叫聲
Catalan sortir
Chinese Simplified 尖叫 声
Chinese Traditional 尖叫 聲
Croatian vrisak
Czech skřek
Danish (VERB)skrige
Estonian kriiskamine
Finnish kiljua
French hurlement
German (NOUN)Schrei, kreischen, schrilles
Greek διαπεραστική κραυγή
Hebrew צווחה
Hindi चीख
Hmong Daw qw nrov
Hungarian sikoly
Icelandic slitlag á
Indonesian jeritan
Italian (NOUN)grido, urlo, strillo
Japanese (NOUN)悲鳴, 金切り声
Korean (VERB)비명
(NOUN)비명 소리
Latvian kliedziens
Lithuanian Klyksmas
Norwegian Bokmål skrik
Polish krzyk
Portuguese (NOUN)grito
Querétaro Otomi HMAFI
Romanian striga
Russian (NOUN)крик, вопль
Serbian (Cyrillic) окренух
Serbian (Latin) okrenuh
Slovak výkrik
Slovenian krik
Spanish (NOUN)grito, chillido
Swedish (NOUN)skrik
Tamil பேரிடி
Telugu గర్జించినప్పుడు
Turkish çığlık
Urdu کوکنا
Yucatec Maya u yawat
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