slices (plural noun)
  1. a thin, broad piece of food, such as bread, meat, or cake, cut from a larger portion.
    "four slices of bread" ·
    "potato slices"
    piece · portion · wedge · chunk · hunk · lump · slab · segment · rasher ·
    collop · sliver · wafer · shaving · helping · round · escalope · scallop · scaloppina · fricandeau · wodge · hunch
  2. a utensil with a broad, flat blade for lifting foods such as cake and fish.
  3. golf
    a stroke that makes the ball curve away to the right (for a left-handed player, the left), typically inadvertently.Compare with hook.
    • (in sport) a shot or stroke made with glancing contact so that the ball travels forward spinning.
slices (third person present) · sliced (past tense) · sliced (past participle) · slicing (present participle)
  1. cut (something, especially food) into slices.
    "slice the onion into rings"
    • (slice something off/from)
      cut something from (something larger) with a sharp implement.
      "he sliced a corner from a fried egg" ·
      "he sliced 70 seconds off the record"
      cut off · sever · chop off · hack off · shear off · separate ·
    • cut with or as if with a sharp implement.
      "the bomber's wings were slicing the air with some efficiency" ·
      "the blade sliced into his palm"
    • move easily and quickly.
      "Grimsby sliced through Swindon's defence"
  2. golf
    strike (the ball) or play (a stroke) so that the ball curves away to the right (for a left-handed player, the left).
    "Duval sliced his ball into the water to the right of the green"
    • (in sport) propel (the ball) with a glancing contact so that it travels forward spinning.
      "Evans went and sliced a corner into his own net"
Middle English (in the sense ‘fragment, splinter’): shortening of Old French esclice ‘splinter’, from the verb esclicier, of Germanic origin; related to German schleissen ‘to slice’, also to slit.
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alternately, slice the cake in two when completely cooled and spread raspberry jam between the two halves.
Duval sliced his ball into the water to the right of the green.
the bomber's wings were slicing the air with some efficiency.
she fried a rasher of bacon, a sausage and a slice of bread.
leave a few mushrooms for garnish and slice the remainder.
local authorities control a huge slice of public spending.
you have not received a fair slice of the education cake.
beefsteaks so large that one slice makes a sandwich.
she watched him dispose of a large slice of cheese.
peel off the skins and thickly slice the potatoes.
a slice of ham had begun to curl up at the edges.
Evans went and sliced a corner into his own net.
a slice of brown toast with low fat spread.
she lathered a slice of toast with butter.
slice the peppers into ribbons lengthways.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)sny
Arabic (NOUN)شريحة, الشريحة, الشرائح
Bangla টুকরো
Bosnian (Latin) kriška
Bulgarian (NOUN)парче, резен, филия, режа, филийка
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (NOUN)llesca, rodanxa, tall, profit, picada, tram, porció, tros
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (NOUN)kriška, odsječak, narežite, isječak, parče, komad
(VERB)šnita, sjeći, rezati
Czech (NOUN)plátek, řezu, řez, výseč, krajíc, výřezu, nakrájíme, řezy, kousek
Danish (NOUN)skive, udsnit, skær, cirkeludsnit, bid
Dutch (NOUN)segment, delige, sneetje, plak, snijd, snee, stukje
Estonian (NOUN)viil, tükk, osast
Filipino hiwa
Finnish (NOUN)siivu, viipale, kakkulapio, paloitella, sektorin, määrästä
(VERB)viipaloida, leikkaamista
French (NOUN)tranche, tartine, coupez, découpez
German (NOUN)Scheibe, Segment, Schnittprofil, Stück, Speicherbereich, Kappen
Greek (NOUN)φέτα, φέτας, κόβουμε, κομμάτι, τεμαχίστε, slices, φετών, κόβετε
Haitian Creole ranche
Hebrew (NOUN)פרוסה, הפרוסה, פרוסת, פורסים, לפרוסה, בפרוסה, פרוסות
Hindi (NOUN)टुकड़ा, स्लाइस
Hmong Daw hlais
Hungarian (NOUN)szelet, felszeleteljük
Icelandic (NOUN)sneið, Skerið
Indonesian (NOUN)iris, seiris, sepotong
Italian (NOUN)fetta, trancio, fettina, spicchio
(VERB)affettare, tagliare
Japanese (NOUN)スライス, 切れ
Kiswahili (NOUN)kisu
Klingon wa' ra'wI' porgh luSIjchu'
Korean (NOUN)슬라이스, 조각, 분할 영역
Latvian (NOUN)šķēle, sektors, slāņa, sadaļu, kumosu
Lithuanian (NOUN)gabalas, griežinėlis, supjaustykite, išpjovos, tenka, segmentas
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)hirisan
Norwegian Bokmål skive
Persian (NOUN)خلال, قاچ, بریدن, تکه, برش
Polish (NOUN)plasterek, kawałek, kromka, wycinek, pokrój
Portuguese (NOUN)fatia, pedaço, rodela
(VERB)fatiar, cortar
Romanian (NOUN)felie
Russian (NOUN)ломтик, срез, кусочек, фрагмент, слайс, нарежьте, разрез
Samoan tipiga
Serbian (Cyrillic) исечак
Serbian (Latin) isečak
Slovak (NOUN)plátok, krajec, výseku, krajícem, rozkrájame, kúsok, rez, nakrájame
Slovenian (NOUN)rezina, kos, izrezek, kosa
Spanish (NOUN)rebanada, rodaja, trozo, porción, pedazo
(VERB)rebanar, cortar
Swedish (NOUN)skiva, segment, citronskiva, brödskiva, bit, skuren, sektor
(VERB)skära, skär
Tamil (NOUN)துண்டு
Telugu స్లైస్
Tongan konga pe ia
Turkish (NOUN)dilim
Ukrainian (NOUN)скибочку, фрагмент, шматочок, зріз, нарізати, зрізу, епізод, наріжте, поділу, сектора
Urdu (NOUN)قاش
Vietnamese (NOUN)lát, miếng
Welsh (NOUN)pwt, sleisen, tafell, darn
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