slower (comparative adjective) · slowest (superlative adjective)
  1. moving or operating, or designed to do so, only at a low speed; not quick or fast.
    "until recently diesel cars were slow and noisy" ·
    "a slow dot-matrix printer"
    fast · rapid · brisk
    • taking a long time to perform a specified action.
      "she was rather a slow reader" ·
      "large organizations can be slow to change"
    • lasting or taking a long time.
      "a slow process" ·
      "the journey home was slow"
    • not allowing or intended for fast travel.
      "the slow lane"
    • (of a sports field or ground) likely to make the ball bounce or run slowly or to prevent competitors from travelling fast.
      "on a slow surface both sets of bowlers bowled straight"
  2. (of a clock or watch) showing a time earlier than the correct time.
    "the clock was five minutes slow"
  3. not prompt to understand, think, or learn.
    "he's so slow, so unimaginative"
  4. uneventful and rather dull.
    "a slow and mostly aimless narrative"
    dull · boring · uninteresting · unexciting · uneventful · tedious ·
    tiresome · wearisome · dry · as dry as dust · monotonous · plodding · tame · dreary · lacklustre · ho-hum · quiet · sleepy · unprogressive · behind the times · backward · backwoods · backwater · dead · one-horse · dead-and-alive · dullsville
  5. photography
    (of a film) needing long exposure.
    • (of a lens) having a small aperture.
  6. (of a fire or oven) burning or giving off heat gently.
    "bake the dish in a preheated slow oven"
slower (comparative adverb) · slowest (superlative adverb)
  1. at a slow pace; slowly.
    "the train went slower and slower" ·
    "a slow-moving river"
slows (third person present) · slowed (past tense) · slowed (past participle) · slowing (present participle)
  1. reduce one's speed or the speed of a vehicle or process.
    "the train slowed to a halt" ·
    "investment has slowed down" · "he slowed the car"
    reduce speed · go slower · decelerate · lessen one's speed · brake ·
    put the brakes on · slack off
    accelerate · speed up
    • (slow down/up)
      live or work less actively or intensely.
      "I wasn't feeling well and had to slow down"
      take it easy · relax · ease up/off · take a break ·
      take some time off · slack off · let up · chill out · hang loose · kick back
      work harder
Old English slāw ‘slow-witted, sluggish’, of Germanic origin.
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How to use slow in a sentence?
the only mode of change will be the slow process of growth and the converse process of decay.
the slow movements and postures of t'ai chi open up and align the meridians of the body.
his long wings beat slow, steady beats, as if accentuating the extenuation of the bird.
fast songs can go through slow phases, and minor keys and discordance may be employed.
they were shouting and gesticulating frantically at drivers who did not slow down.
businesses were slow to adopt the key elements of environmental risk management.
we could hand-hold the camera at very slow shutter speeds with hardly any blur.
slow down your body's physiological response to anger by breathing deeply.
slow discharge of a condenser is fundamental to oscillatory circuits.
in the slow numbers she gave him no encouragement to smooch with her.
it was anticipated that the rains would slow the military campaign.
the slow trading was a carry-over from the big losses of last week.
the splitting of the chrysalis and the slow unfolding of the wings.
in a fast reactor there is no moderator to slow the reaction down.
rural pub owners seem resigned to the slow decline of their trade.
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How to say slow in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (ADJECTIVE)stadige
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)بطيئة, بطيء, بطء, البطيء, بطيئا, بطئ, بطيئ, البطء, ببطئ
(VERB)إبطاء, تبطئ
Bangla ধীর
Bosnian (Latin) sporo
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)бавен, бавно, бавна, бавни, забавен
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (ADJECTIVE)lent, alenteixen
(VERB)alentir, desaccelerar, retardar, disminuir
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)sporo, trom, spor, spori, spora, spore, polako, usporavaju, sporu
Czech (ADJECTIVE)pomalé
Danish (ADJECTIVE)langsom, sen
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)traag, langzaam, trage, zacht
Estonian (ADJECTIVE)aeglane
Fijian vakamalua
Filipino mabagal na
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)hidas, hitaasti
French (ADJECTIVE)lent, ralentissement, doucement
German (ADJECTIVE)langsam, träge
Greek (ADJECTIVE)αργή, αργό, αργός, αργές, αργά, βραδεία, αργής, αργοί, αργού
Haitian Creole pa rapid
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)איטי, איטית, איטיים, לאט, איטיות, סלואו, אטי, האיטי, באיטיות, חלש
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)धीमी
Hmong Daw qeeb
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)lassú
Icelandic (ADJECTIVE)hægur, hæg, hæga, hægum, hægfara, hζgur, hægt, seinn
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)lambat, pelan, perlahan
Italian (ADJECTIVE)lento, rallentamento
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)遅い, 低速, ゆっくり, 遅く, スロー, 遅くなる, 遅, 遅くなり, 低下
(VERB)遅らせる, 減速
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)polepole, mwepesi, taratibu
Korean (ADJECTIVE)느린, 속도가 느린, 천천히, 느리게, 슬로우, 느리다, 느려질, 느립니다, 느려, 저속
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)lēns, lēna, lēni, lēnu, lēno, palēnināta
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)lėtai, lėto, lėtu
(NOUN)mažoji, lėtam
Malagasy mampiadana
Malay (Latin) (ADJECTIVE)perlahan, lambat
(VERB)memperlahankan, melambatkan
Maltese (ADJECTIVE)bilmod
Norwegian Bokmål langsom
Persian (ADJECTIVE)آهسته, کند, آرام, کندی, تدریجی
Polish (ADJECTIVE)powolny, wolno, zwolnionym, spowolnienie, niska
(VERB)spowolnić, spowalnia
Portuguese (ADJECTIVE)lento, devagar, lerdo, calma
(VERB)retardar, atrasar, abrandar, diminuir
Querétaro Otomi lento
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)lent, proces lent, încet
Russian (ADJECTIVE)медленно, Слоу, низкая, замедление
Samoan gese
Serbian (Cyrillic) Успори
Serbian (Latin) Uspori
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)pomalé
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)počasi
Spanish (ADJECTIVE)lento, despacio
(VERB)retardar, desacelerar, ralentizar, frenar, calma
Swedish (ADJECTIVE)långsam
(VERB)sakta, bromsa
Tahitian mabagal
Tamil (ADJECTIVE)மெதுவான
Telugu నెమ్మదిగా
Tongan mamalie
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)yavaş, ağır
Ukrainian (ADJECTIVE)повільно, уповільнене
(VERB)сповільнити, уповільнення
Urdu (ADJECTIVE)سست, پست
Vietnamese (ADJECTIVE)chậm, chậm chạp
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)araf, arafwch
Yucatec Maya xaan
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