1. atmospheric water vapour frozen into ice crystals and falling in light white flakes or lying on the ground as a white layer.
    "we were trudging through deep snow"
    snowflakes · flakes · snowdrift · snowfield · snowpack · snowfall ·
    snowstorm · blizzard · sleet · hail · soft hail · avalanche · snowslide
    • (snows)
      falls of snow.
      "the first snows of winter"
  2. a mass of flickering white spots on a television or radar screen, caused by interference or a poor signal.
    "all that they could pick up on their screens was snow"
  3. a dessert or other dish resembling snow.
    "vanilla snow"
    • a frozen gas resembling snow.
      "carbon dioxide snow"
  4. informal
snows (third person present) · snowed (past tense) · snowed (past participle) · snowing (present participle)
  1. (it snowsit is snowing)
    snow falls.
    "it's not snowing so heavily now"
    • (be snowed in/up)
      be confined or blocked by a large quantity of snow.
      "I was snowed in for a week"
    mislead or charm (someone) with elaborate and insincere words.
    "they would snow the public into believing that all was well"
Old English snāw, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch sneeuw and German Schnee, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin nix, niv- and Greek nipha.
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the promise of fresh powder snow brought more than 1300 excited guests to the mountain.
a few resorts report several inches of new snow in the favourable upslope locations.
I was getting the snow out of my clothing before it could melt and refreeze.
through the curtain of falling snow, she could just make out gravestones.
the precipitation falls as snow and is released during the spring melt.
the paths were covered with drifting snow and the going was difficult.
in spring, the unploughed roads gradually lost their layers of snow.
thick snow had turned the scene outside into a picture postcard.
sleet, snow, and plunging temperatures also worsened conditions.
the bushes were little more than vague mounds beneath the snow.
traffic came to a standstill after the snow began to settle.
the street below was quiet, little traffic braving the snow.
some of the gardens still had pockets of dirty snow in them.
they would snow the public into believing that all was well.
they constructed a crude lean-to to keep the snow from them.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)sneeu
Arabic (NOUN)الثلوج, الثلج, سنو, ثلج, الجليد
Bangla বরফ
Bosnian (Latin) snijeg
Bulgarian (NOUN)сняг, снега, снежна, снегът, Сноу, снежен
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (NOUN)neu, neus, nevades
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (NOUN)snijeg, snježna, sneg
Czech (NOUN)sníh, sněhu, sněhové, sněhem, sněžný
Danish (NOUN)sne, sneen
Dutch (NOUN)sneeuw
Estonian (NOUN)lumi, lume, lund
Finnish (NOUN)lumi, lunta, lumen
French (NOUN)neige, enneigement
German (NOUN)Schnee
Greek (NOUN)χιόνι
Haitian Creole nèj
Hebrew (NOUN)שלג, השלג, בשלג, סנוו, סנואו, לשלג
Hindi (NOUN)बर्फ, हिमपात, हिम, स्नो
Hmong Daw daus
Hungarian (NOUN)hó, hóban, havazik, havat, hóval, havas
Icelandic (NOUN)snjó, snjór, snjónum, snjóinn
Indonesian (NOUN)salju
Italian (NOUN)neve, nevicata, innevamento
Japanese (NOUN)雪, スノー, 積雪, スノウ, 降雪
Kiswahili (NOUN)theluji
Klingon peD
Korean (NOUN)눈, 스노우, 스노, 설
Latvian (NOUN)sniega, Clear, Partly, Mostly, Showers
Lithuanian (NOUN)sniego
Malagasy ranomandry
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)salji
Maltese tas-silġ
Norwegian Bokmål snø
Persian (NOUN)برف, برفی, اسنو
Polish (NOUN)śnieg
Portuguese (NOUN)neve, neves
Querétaro Otomi ya xija
Romanian (NOUN)zăpadă, ninsoare, ca zăpada, zăpezii
Russian (NOUN)снег, Сноу, дождь
Serbian (Cyrillic) снег
Serbian (Latin) sneg
Slovak (NOUN)sneh, snehu, snehové, snežný
Slovenian (NOUN)sneg, snega, snežni, snegu, snegom, sneženja
Spanish (NOUN)nieve, nieva, Nevada
Swedish (NOUN)snö, snön, snowen
Tahitian hiona
Tamil பனி
Telugu మంచు
Thai (NOUN)หิมะ, สโนว์
Tongan Sinou
Turkish (NOUN)kar, karda, karla, kar yağışı, pamuk, karın, karı
Ukrainian (NOUN)сніг, снігу, снігом, сніжний
Urdu (NOUN)برف
Vietnamese (NOUN)tuyết
Welsh (NOUN)eira
Yucatec Maya nieve
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