1. (of an activity) unbearably monotonous.
    tedious · dull · monotonous · repetitious · repetitive · unrelieved · lacking variety · lacking variation · lacking excitement · lacking interest · unvaried · unimaginative ·
    uneventful · characterless · featureless · colourless · lifeless · soulless · passionless · spiritless · unspirited · insipid · uninteresting · unexciting · uninspiring · unstimulating · unoriginal · derivative · jejune · nondescript · sterile · flat · bland · (plain) vanilla · arid · dry · dry as dust · stale · wishy-washy · grey · anaemic · tired · banal · lame · plodding · ponderous · pedestrian · lacklustre · stodgy · dreary · mechanical · stiff · leaden · wooden · mind-numbing · soul-destroying · wearisome · tiring · tiresome · irksome · trying · frustrating · humdrum · prosaic · mundane · commonplace · workaday · quotidian · unremarkable · routine · run-of-the-mill · normal · usual · ordinary · conventional · suburban · garden variety · deadly · bog-standard · nothing to write home about · a dime a dozen · no great shakes · not up to much · samey · common or garden · dullsville · ornery
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Laguages Translations
Arabic الوخيمة
Cantonese (Traditional) 摧毀靈魂
Chinese Simplified 摧毁灵魂
Chinese Traditional 摧毀靈魂
Czech nenávistný
Danish Rocambole
Fijian vakamatautaki
Filipino ang kasalanan
Finnish taiteentekijöille
French abrutissant
German nervtötendes
Greek πολιτιστικούς
Hebrew בנפש הרס
Hindi प्राण-नाश
Hungarian lélekromboló
Icelandic sálarlíf-eyðilegging
Italian autodistruttiva
Kiswahili udunishaji
Korean 영혼
Persian روح از بین بردن
Polish reakcją
Portuguese o
Querétaro Otomi destruye ár anxe̲
Romanian te
Russian присутсвуют
Samoan faapea
Serbian (Cyrillic) убиство за главу
Serbian (Latin) ubistvo za glavu
Spanish destruye el alma
Swedish själsdödande
Tahitian tona
Telugu ఆత్మ నాశనం
Tongan pe
Turkish Tomarı
Welsh mor
Yucatec Maya k'askúuntik, le óolo'
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