specifies (third person present) · specified (past tense) · specified (past participle) · specifying (present participle)
  1. identify clearly and definitely.
    "the coup leader promised an election but did not specify a date"
    state · name · identify · define · describe · set out · set down · draw up · frame · itemize · designate · detail · list · spell out · enumerate · particularize · catalogue · cite ·
    instance · be specific about · stipulate · prescribe · order · command · ordain · individuate
    • state a fact or requirement clearly and precisely.
      "the agency failed to specify that the workers were not their employees"
    • include in an architect's or engineer's specifications.
      "naval architects specified circular portholes"
Middle English: from Old French specifier or late Latin specificare ( see specific).
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How to use specify in a sentence?
it is impossible to specify the exact locus in the brain of these neural events.
the agency failed to specify that the workers were not their employees.
the coup leader promised an election but did not specify a date.
naval architects specified circular portholes.
How to say specify in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)spesifiseer
Arabic (VERB)تحديد, تعيين, حدد, تحدد, يحدد, تعين, عين
Bangla নির্দিষ্টভাবে উল্লেখ করুন
Bosnian (Latin) odrediti
Bulgarian (VERB)укажете, зададете, уточни, Задайте, посочете, указване, определят, задаване, конкретизират, задали
Cantonese (Traditional) 指定
Catalan (VERB)especificar, concretar, indiqui
Chinese Simplified 指定
Chinese Traditional 指定
Croatian (VERB)odrediti, navesti, navedite, određivanje, naveli, specificirati, navođenje, biste odredili, navodi
(NOUN)odredi, Navedi
Czech (VERB)určit, zadat, určete, zadejte, specifikovat, určení, zadání, určují, Upřesnit, stanovit, nastavit
Danish (VERB)angive, specificere, anføre, præcisere
Dutch (VERB)opgeven, opgeeft, specificeren, geef, geven, aangeven, opgegeven, geeft, bepalen, instellen
Estonian (VERB)Määrake, saate määrata, täpsustada, kindlaks määrata
Fijian vakadeitaka
Filipino Tukuyin ang
Finnish (VERB)Määritä, täsmentää, eritellä
French (VERB)spécifier, préciser, indiquer, définir
German (VERB)angeben, festlegen, geben, spezifizieren, Angabe, legen, bestimmen
Greek (VERB)καθορίσετε, προσδιορίσετε, διευκρινίζει, ορίσετε, ορίστε, τον καθορισμό
Haitian Creole resize
Hebrew (VERB)לציין, ציין, ציינו, תציין, ציון, מציין, מציינים, להגדיר, לקבוע, קביעת
Hindi (VERB)निर्दिष्ट, निर्धारित
Hmong Daw qhia kom meej
Hungarian (VERB)megadása, adja meg, adjon meg, határozza meg, meghatározása, Itt adhatja meg, adjuk meg, adni
Icelandic (VERB)tilgreina
Indonesian (VERB)tentukan, menentukan, menetapkan, tetapkan, mencantumkan, sebutkan
Italian (VERB)specificare, precisare, indicare
Japanese (VERB)指定
Kiswahili (VERB)Bainisha, Taja, ubainishe, bayana, kutaja
Klingon chuH
Korean (VERB)지정
Latvian (VERB)norādīt, precizēt, jānorāda, noteikt
Lithuanian (VERB)nurodyti, patikslinti, apibrėžti
Malagasy mampisongadina ny
Malay (Latin) (VERB)tentukan, menentukan, nyatakan, menetapkan
Maltese (VERB)jispeċifikaw, tispeċifika, speċifikat
Norwegian Bokmål Angi
Persian (VERB)مشخص, تعیین, معین, تعيين
Polish (VERB)określić, okreolić, podaj, wyszczególniać, podać, umożliwia określenie, wskazać
Portuguese (VERB)especificar
Querétaro Otomi especificar
Romanian (VERB)specifica, preciza, se precizeze, indicaţi
Russian (VERB)указать, задать, определить, сформулируйте, уточнить
Samoan faamaoti mai
Serbian (Cyrillic) Наведите
Serbian (Latin) Navedite
Slovak (VERB)špecifikovať, zadať, určiť, zadajte, zadanie, určenie, upresniť, uveďte, stanoviť, určuje
Slovenian (VERB)določite, navedite, navesti, navajanje, opredeliti
Spanish (VERB)especificar, precisar, indicar
Swedish (VERB)ange, anger, specificera
Tahitian faaite
Tamil (VERB)குறிப்பிடவும்
Telugu పేర్కొనండి
Thai (VERB)ระบุ, ระบุกลุ่ม, กำหนด
Tongan Fakamahino'i
Turkish (VERB)belirtmek
Ukrainian (VERB)вказати, указати, вкажіть, Укажіть, вказувати, вкажете, визначити, задати, задайте, зазначити, уточнити
Urdu (VERB)اختصاص, واضح, تحدید, متعین, وضاحت, بیان, مخصوص, درج
Vietnamese (VERB)xác định
Welsh (VERB)bennu, pennu, nodi, nodwch, fanylu, phennu, manylu, Dewiswch, dynodi
Yucatec Maya especificar
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