1. the expression of or the ability to express thoughts and feelings by articulate sounds.
    "he was born deaf and without the power of speech"
    speaking · talking · verbal communication · verbal expression ·
  2. a formal address or discourse delivered to an audience.
    "he gave a speech about the company"
Old English sprǣc, sprēc, later spēc, of West Germanic origin: related to Dutch spraak, German Sprache, also to speak.
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if we want to debate the limits of free speech within the law we can't really do that consistently by no-platforming extremists.
the White House read-out of the call came after the prime minister postponed a key speech on the European Union.
interrogatives are not likely to crop up very often in the speech of a person who is being interviewed.
censorship, or more specifically the banning of books, is a threat to the freedom of speech.
if religion is beyond speech or predication, as Gandhi affirms, can it be hypostasized?.
speech sounds are produced as a continuous sound signal rather than discrete units.
we have canonized freedom of speech as an absolute value overriding all others.
in a speech he adopted the President's familiar hand motions—it was a lift.
over the course of our trip, the President continually reworked his speech.
they place before their vision of the cross the fruitage of their speech.
she called paramedics after being concerned about his slurred speech.
witnesses often delivered their testimony according to a set speech.
Inception was nommed for an Oscar but lost out to The King's speech.
the Emperor Constantine used this speech sometime unto his bishops.
they thought the speech too closely brigaded with illegal action.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)spraak, toespraak
Arabic (NOUN)الكلام, خطاب, الخطاب, التعبير, خطبة, الخطبة, كلمة, كلام, خطابه, خطابا, النطق
Bangla বক্তৃতা
Bosnian (Latin) govor
Bulgarian (NOUN)реч, речта, словото, говор, логопедична, речеви, изказване
Cantonese (Traditional) 演講
Catalan (NOUN)discurs, parla, expressió, veu, pregó, ponència, xerrada, llenguatge, intervenció
Chinese Simplified 演讲
Chinese Traditional 演講
Croatian (NOUN)govor
Czech (NOUN)řeči, řeč, projevu, proslov, řečové, hlasová, vystoupení
Danish (NOUN)tale, indlæg
Dutch (NOUN)toespraak, spraak, meningsuiting, betoog, redevoering, rede, interventie, uiteenzetting, bijdrage
Estonian (NOUN)kõnes, kõne, kõnet, sõnavõtus
Fijian ivosavosa
Filipino pananalita
Finnish (NOUN)puheen, puhe, puhetta, puhuttu
French (NOUN)discours, parole, vocale, allocution, expression, intervention, langage
German (NOUN)Rede, Sprache, Meinungsäußerung, Redebeitrag, Ansprache, Vortrag, sprach
Greek (NOUN)ομιλία, λόγου, παρέμβασή, λεκτική, λόγοs, φωνής, λόγο, έκφρασης
Haitian Creole diskou
Hebrew (NOUN)דיבור, הנאום, הדיבור, נאום, בנאום, נאומו, לנאום, הדיבר, בדיבור, לדיבור, הביטוי
Hindi (NOUN)भाषण, वाक्, स्पीच, अभिव्यक्ति, आवाज़
Hmong Daw hais lus
Hungarian (NOUN)beszéd
Icelandic (NOUN)ræðu, tal, tali, mál, ræða
Indonesian (NOUN)pidato, wicara, ucapan, bicara, sambutan, pembicaraan, ceramah
Italian (NOUN)discorso, vocale, parola, sintesi vocale, intervento, linguaggio, parlato, espressione
Japanese (NOUN)音声, スピーチ, 演説, 言論, 発話, 弁論, 講演
Kiswahili (NOUN)hotuba, uneni
Klingon QIch
Korean (NOUN)연설, 음성, 스피치, 언론, 말하기
Latvian (NOUN)runas, runu, runa, vārda brīvību, balss
Lithuanian (NOUN)kalbos, Šnekos, žodžio
Malagasy lahateny
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)pertuturan, ucapan, pidato, percakapan, bersuara
Maltese taħdit
Norwegian Bokmål tale
Persian (NOUN)گفتار, سخنرانی, بیان, سخنان, سخن
Polish (NOUN)mowy, przemówienie, mowę, mowa, wypowiedzi, mowie, słowa, wystąpieniu
Portuguese (NOUN)discurso, fala, expressão, intervenção, palestra, voz, linguagem
Querétaro Otomi discurso
Romanian (NOUN)discurs, vorbire, exprimare, cuvîntare, expresie
Russian (NOUN)речи, слова, выступление
Samoan Gagana
Serbian (Cyrillic) говор
Serbian (Latin) govor
Slovak (NOUN)reči, reč, prejav, Rečový
Slovenian (NOUN)govora, nagovor
Spanish (NOUN)discurso, habla, expresión, intervención, voz, lenguaje, charla
Swedish (NOUN)tal, anförande, talsyntes, talet
Tahitian aoraa
Tamil (NOUN)பேச்சு
Telugu ప్రసంగం
Thai (NOUN)พูด
Tongan lea
Turkish (NOUN)konuşma, söylem
Ukrainian (NOUN)промові, мовлення, виступ, мови, мова, слова, голосове, мову, мовні, мові
Urdu (NOUN)تقریر, گفتگو, خطاب, کلام, اسپیچ
Vietnamese (NOUN)giọng nói
Welsh (NOUN)araith, lleferydd, haraith, llafar, ymadrodd
Yucatec Maya t'aan
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