suggests (third person present) · suggested (past tense) · suggested (past participle) · suggesting (present participle)
  1. put forward for consideration.
    "I suggest that we wait a day or two" ·
    "‘Maybe you ought to get an expert,’ she suggested" · "Ruth suggested a holiday"
    propose · put forward · submit · recommend · advocate · advise ·
  2. cause one to think that (something) exists or is the case.
    "finds of lead coffins suggested a cemetery north of the river" ·
    "the temperature wasn't as tropical as the bright sunlight may have suggested"
    indicate · lead to the belief · give the impression · give the idea · argue ·
    point to · demonstrate · show · evince · hint · insinuate · imply · intimate · drive at · indicate · get at
    • state or express indirectly.
      "are you suggesting that I should ignore her?" ·
      "the seduction scenes suggest his guilt and her loneliness"
      express · put into words · phrase · articulate · communicate ·
      make known · get across · put across · convey · verbalize · render · tell · reveal · divulge · impart · disclose · imply · suggest · signify · denote · mean
    • evoke.
      "the theatrical interpretation of weather and water almost suggests El Greco"
      convey · express · impart · imply · intimate · connote · smack of ·
      put one in mind of · bring to mind · remind one of · evoke · evince · conjure up · summon up · call up · refer to · allude to · signify
    • (suggest itself)
      (of an idea) come into one's mind.
      "a simpler explanation suggested itself to me"
      occur to · come to · come to mind · spring to mind ·
      enter someone's mind/head · come into someone's head/mind · strike · hit · register with · enter someone's consciousness · flash across someone's mind · pass through someone's mind · cross someone's mind · suggest itself
early 16th century: from Latin suggest- ‘suggested, prompted’, from the verb suggerere, from sub- ‘from below’ + gerere ‘bring’.
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polls suggest the party could establish a strong bridgehead in the constituency.
the temperature wasn't as tropical as the bright sunlight may have suggested.
I'd suggest a period of acclimatization is in order for both you and the dog.
the theatrical interpretation of weather and water almost suggests El Greco.
it is a misleading fantasy to suggest that the bill can be implemented.
the figures suggest that girls are underachieving relative to boys.
these observations suggest that the spiders envenomate their prey.
he could look sterner than his equable temperament would suggest.
as your machine is under warranty, I suggest getting it checked.
finds of lead coffins suggested a cemetery north of the river.
she had the audacity to suggest I'd been carrying on with him.
these figures suggest more bad news for struggling homeowners.
some theories suggest that the dinosaurs were warm-blooded.
the seduction scenes suggest his guilt and her loneliness.
if you have chest pains I suggest you see a cardiologist.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)dui daarop, stel, voorstel
Arabic (VERB)توحي, اقترح, نقترح, اقتراح, تشير, تقترح, يوحي, يقترح, الإيحاء, تدل
Bangla পরামর্শ
Bosnian (Latin) predložiti
Bulgarian (VERB)предполагат, предложи, внушавам, показват, подсказват, препоръчваме, сочат
Cantonese (Traditional) 建議
Catalan (VERB)suggerir, proposem, indiquen, recomanem
Chinese Simplified 建议
Chinese Traditional 建議
Croatian (VERB)predlagati, sugeriraju, ukazuju, pokazuju, upućuju
(NOUN)predloži, prijedlog
Czech (VERB)naznačují, navrhnout, doporučit, ukazují, napovídá
Danish (VERB)foreslå, tyder, antyder, tyde, anbefaler
Dutch (VERB)suggereren, stel, voorstellen, raden, wijzen, aanraden, vermoeden
Estonian (VERB)soovitan, näitavad, oletada, viitavad, väita, järeldada, arvata
(NOUN)soovita, paku
Fijian vakatura
Filipino magmungkahi ng mga
Finnish (VERB)ehdottaa, viittaavat siihen, osoittavat, päätellä, olettaa, väitä
French (VERB)suggérer, proposer, laissent entendre, indiquent, conseille, penser
German (VERB)schlage vor, vorschlagen, empfehlen, deuten, darauf hindeuten, suggerieren, vermuten, behaupten, raten
Greek (VERB)προτείνουν, υποδηλώνουν, δείχνουν, υποδεικνύουν, προταθεί, υπονοεί
Haitian Creole sijere
Hebrew (VERB)מציע, להציע, מציעה, מראים, אציע, מציעים, לרמוז, ממליצים, מצביעים, ממליץ
Hindi (VERB)सुझाव, सुझाएं, सुझाव देते
Hmong Daw hais
Hungarian (VERB)javasol, azt sugallják, arra utalnak, sugallja, ajánl, azt mutatják
Icelandic (VERB)stinga upp, mæli, mælum með, benda, leggja
Indonesian (VERB)menyarankan, sarankan, menunjukkan, mengusulkan
Italian (VERB)suggerire, indicano, proporre, consiglio
Japanese (VERB)示唆, お勧め, 提案, 勧め, ご提案
Kiswahili (VERB)kupendekeza, kushauri, upendekeze, zinaonyesha
Klingon chup
Korean (VERB)건의한다, 제안, 권할, 좋습니다, 바랍니다, 권해, 암시
Latvian (VERB)iesaku, ieteikt, liecina, ierosināt, noteiktu iespējamo, piedāvāt, domāt
Lithuanian (VERB)siūlau, pasiūlyti, rodo, rekomenduojame, teigti, siϋlau, manyti, rodančių, pataria
(NOUN)siūlyti, pasiūlykite
Malagasy manoro hevitra
Malay (Latin) (VERB)mencadangkan, menyarankan, sarankan, mengesyorkan
Maltese (VERB)jissuġġerixxu
Norwegian Bokmål foreslå
Persian (VERB)پیشنهاد, حاکی, نشان
Polish (VERB)sugerują, zasugerować, zaproponować, proponuję, wskazują, wynika
(NOUN)sugeruj, Zaproponuj, Zasugeruj
Portuguese (VERB)sugerir, sugiro, indicam
Querétaro Otomi sugieren
Romanian (VERB)sugera, propunem
(NOUN)sugeraţi, propuneţi
Russian (VERB)предложить, позволяют предположить, советую, свидетельствуют о том, рекомендуем, показывают, посоветовать, подсказать, полагаю
Samoan fautua atu
Serbian (Cyrillic) предложи
Serbian (Latin) predloži
Slovak (VERB)naznačujú, navrhnúť, odporučiť, doporučuji, vyplýva, ukazujú
(NOUN)Navrhnite, doporučiť
Slovenian (VERB)predlagam, kažejo, spodbuditi, nakazujejo, kazali, sklepali, svetoval
Spanish (VERB)sugerir, sugerirle, indican, proponer, aconsejo, recomiendo
Swedish (VERB)föreslå, tyder, antyder, tyda, påstå, rekommenderar
Tahitian tuu i te manao
Tamil ஆலோசனை
Telugu సూచిస్తున్నారు
Thai (NOUN)แนะนำ
Tongan fokotu'u ange ki he
Turkish (VERB)önermek, öneri, önereceğini, öner, -nızı öneri, tavsiye, etmenizi öneririz, göstermektedir
Ukrainian (VERB)пропоную, запропонувати, припустити, свідчать про, показують, раджу, рекомендуємо, вказують, радимо, вважають
Urdu (VERB)تجویز, مشورہ
Vietnamese (VERB)đề nghị, khuyên, gợi ý
Welsh (VERB)awgrymu, eu hawgrymu
Yucatec Maya sugieren
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