surprises (plural noun)
  1. an unexpected or astonishing event, fact, etc..
    "the announcement came as a complete surprise"
    shock · bolt from/out of the blue · thunderbolt · bombshell · revelation ·
    source of amazement · rude awakening · eye-opener · start · turn up for the books · shocker · whammy
  2. bell-ringing
    denoting a complex method of change-ringing.
    "surprise major"
surprises (third person present) · surprised (past tense) · surprised (past participle) · surprising (present participle)
  1. (of something unexpected) cause (someone) to feel mild astonishment or shock.
    "I was surprised at his statement" ·
    "Joe was surprised that he enjoyed the journey"
    astonish · amaze · nonplus · startle · astound · stun · flabbergast ·
    stagger · shock · stop someone in their tracks · stupefy · leave open-mouthed · take someone's breath away · dumbfound · daze · benumb · confound · take aback · jolt · shake up · bowl over · knock for six · floor · blow someone's mind · strike dumb · astonished · amazed · in amazement · nonplussed · taken aback · startled · astounded · stunned · flabbergasted · staggered · shocked · shell-shocked · stupefied · open-mouthed · dumbfounded · dumbstruck · speechless · at a loss for words · thunderstruck · dazed · benumbed · confounded · agape · goggle-eyed · wide-eyed · jolted · shaken up · bowled over · knocked for six · floored · flummoxed · caught on the hop · caught on the wrong foot · unable to believe one's eyes/ears · unexpected · unanticipated · unforeseen · unpredictable · unpredicted · astonishing · amazing · startling · astounding · striking · staggering · incredible · extraordinary · dazzling · breathtaking · remarkable · wonderful · unusual · mind-blowing · amazeballs · backasswards
    • capture, attack, or discover suddenly and unexpectedly.
      "he surprised a gang stealing scrap metal"
      take by surprise · catch unawares · catch off guard ·
      catch red-handed · catch in the act · catch napping · catch out · burst in on · catch someone with their trousers/pants down · catch in flagrante delicto · catch on the hop
late Middle English (in the sense ‘unexpected seizure of a place, or attack on troops’): from Old French, feminine past participle of surprendre, from medieval Latin superprehendere ‘seize’.
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in a crime story you have to plot carefully to achieve the surprise at the end.
the plan was to surprise the heck out of the grizzly by sicking the dog on him.
he blinked in mild surprise at this uncharacteristic leap into the demotic.
customers tell of surprise ‘nuisance fees’ tacked on to every transaction.
the ferocity of the storm caught them by surprise.
their marriage came as a complete surprise to me.
he has a constant look of surprise on his fizzog.
she pretended a greater surprise than she felt.
she heard the swift indrawn breath of surprise.
Joe was surprised that he enjoyed the journey.
the announcement came as a complete surprise.
unbeaten Rangers are the surprise pacemakers.
‘This is a surprise.’ ‘surprise nothing.’.
he surprised a gang stealing scrap metal.
we decided to spring a surprise on them.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)verrassing, verbasing
Arabic (NOUN)مفاجأة, المفاجأة, مفاجئة, المستغرب, دهشته, الدهشة, دهشة
Bangla বিস্ময়
Bosnian (Latin) iznenađenje
Bulgarian (NOUN)изненада
Cantonese (Traditional) 驚喜
Catalan (NOUN)sorpresa, suprise, estrany
Chinese Simplified 惊喜
Chinese Traditional 驚喜
Croatian (NOUN)iznenađenje, čudi
Czech (NOUN)překvapení
(VERB)překvapit, nepřekvapilo
Danish (NOUN)overraskelse, forbavse, forundring
Dutch (NOUN)verrassing, verbazing, verwonderlijk
(VERB)verrassen, verbazen, verassen
Estonian (NOUN)üllatus
Fijian kurabui
Filipino sorpresa
Finnish (NOUN)yllätys, hämmästys
(VERB)yllättää, hämmästytä
French (VERB)surprendre, étonner
German (NOUN)Überraschung, verwunderlich, Erstaunen, Wunder
(VERB)überraschen, wundern
Greek (NOUN)έκπληξη, αποτελεί έκπληξη, αιφνιδιαστική
Haitian Creole sipriz
Hebrew (NOUN)הפתעה, ההפתעה, מפתיע, בהפתעה, להפתעה, פתע, הפתעות
(VERB)להפתיע, יפתיע, תפתיע, מפתיעה
Hindi (NOUN)आश्चर्य
Hungarian (NOUN)meglepetés
(VERB)meglepni, lepett, lepje
Icelandic (NOUN)óvart, óvænt, ánægja
Indonesian (NOUN)kejutan, mengherankan, terkejut, mendadak
Italian (NOUN)sorpresa
(VERB)sorprendere, stupire
Japanese (NOUN)驚き, サプライズ, 驚く, 驚い, びっくり, 意外, 突然
(VERB)驚かせる, 驚か
Kiswahili (NOUN)mshangao, kushangaza
Klingon mer
Korean (NOUN)놀람, 깜짝, 기습, 경악
(VERB)놀라게, 놀래
Latvian (NOUN)pārsteigums, izbrīnu, nekāds brīnums
Lithuanian (NOUN)siurprizas, staigmena, nustebinti, nuostabai, netikėtai, nenuostabu
(VERB)Nustebinkite, stebinti
Malagasy tsy nampoizina
Malay (Latin) (VERB)mengejutkan
(NOUN)kejutan, hairanlah, terkejut
Maltese sorpriża
Norwegian Bokmål overraskelse
Persian (NOUN)تعجب, سورپرایز, شگفتی
Polish (NOUN)niespodzianka, zaskoczeniem, zdziwienie, dziwić
(VERB)zaskoczyć, dziwi, zaskakiwać, zdziwić
Portuguese (NOUN)surpresa, supresa
Querétaro Otomi 'yo̲
Romanian (NOUN)surpriză
Russian (NOUN)сюрприз, удивление, неожиданностью, сярприз, внезапного
Samoan tei
Serbian (Cyrillic) изненађење
Serbian (Latin) iznenađenje
Slovak (NOUN)prekvapenie
Slovenian (NOUN)presenečenje
Spanish (NOUN)sorpresa, extrañar
Swedish (NOUN)överraskning, förvåning, sängen
(VERB)överraska, förvåna
Tahitian maere
Tamil திடீர்
Telugu ఆశ్చర్యం
Thai แปลกใจ
Tongan Na'a ku 'ohovale
Turkish (NOUN)sürpriz, süpriz, şaşırtıcı, şaşkınlık
Ukrainian (NOUN)сюрприз, подив, здивування, несподіванкою, дивно, раптового
(VERB)здивувати, дивує
Urdu (NOUN)حیرت
Vietnamese (NOUN)bất ngờ, ngạc nhiên
Welsh (NOUN)syndod, syrpreis, annisgwyl, ddirybudd, sioc
Yucatec Maya sorpresa
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