surrenders (third person present) · surrendered (past tense) · surrendered (past participle) · surrendering (present participle)
  1. stop resisting to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority.
    "over 140 rebels surrendered to the authorities"
    capitulate · give in · give (oneself) up · yield · concede · submit ·
    climb down · give way · defer · acquiesce · back down · cave in · relent · succumb · quit · crumble · be beaten · be overcome · be overwhelmed · fall victim · lay down one's arms · raise/show the white flag · throw in the towel/sponge · accept defeat · concede defeat
    • (in sport) lose (a point, game, or advantage) to an opponent.
      "she surrendered only twenty games in her five qualifying matches"
    • (surrender to)
      give in to (a powerful emotion or influence).
      "the president has surrendered to panic and is making things worse" ·
      "he surrendered himself to the mood of the hills"
  2. give up or hand over (a person, right, or possession), typically on compulsion or demand.
    "in 1815 Denmark surrendered Norway to Sweden" ·
    "the UK is opposed to surrendering its monetary sovereignty"
    give up · relinquish · renounce · forgo · forswear · cede · abdicate ·
    waive · forfeit · sacrifice · hand over · turn over · deliver (up) · yield (up) · resign · transfer · commit · grant · part with · let go of · forsake · abandon · leave behind · cast aside · turn one's back on · give up · lose
    • (of a person assured) cancel (a life insurance policy) and receive back a proportion of the premiums paid.
    • give up (a lease) before its expiry.
surrenders (plural noun)
  1. the action of surrendering to an opponent or powerful influence.
    "the final surrender of Germany on 8 May 1945" ·
    "the colonel was anxious to negotiate a surrender"
    capitulation · submission · yielding · giving in · succumbing ·
    acquiescence · laying down of arms · quitting · fall · defeat · relinquishment · surrendering · renunciation · forgoing · forsaking · ceding · cession · abdication · waiving · resignation · handing over · giving up · yielding up · transfer · abandonment
  2. the action of surrendering a lease or life insurance policy.
late Middle English (chiefly in legal use): from Anglo-Norman French (see sur-1, render).
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How to use surrender in a sentence?
the blockade appears a better weapon with which to soften them up for eventual surrender.
to love in an unpossessive way implies the total surrender of self.
the president has surrendered to panic and is making things worse.
she surrendered only twenty games in her five qualifying matches.
the UK is opposed to surrendering its monetary sovereignty.
the colonel was anxious to negotiate a surrender.
he surrendered himself to the mood of the hills.
over 140 rebels surrendered to the authorities.
many annuities have back-end surrender charges.
in 1815 Denmark surrendered Norway to Sweden.
the final surrender of Germany on 8 May 1945.
they had famished the city into surrender.
a crude surrender to animal lust.
unconditional surrender.
How to say surrender in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)oorgawe
Arabic (VERB)الاستسلام, استسلم, يستسلم, تستسلم, نستسلم, تسليم, أسلم
(NOUN)استسلام, التسليم, التقديم
Bangla সমর্পণ
Bosnian (Latin) predaju
Bulgarian (NOUN)предаване, капитулация, екстрадиране, отдаване
(VERB)предаде, отказът, отдадете, откажат
Cantonese (Traditional) 投降
Catalan (NOUN)rendició, rescat
(VERB)rendir, lliurament, renunciar
Chinese Simplified 投降
Chinese Traditional 投降
Croatian (NOUN)predaju
(VERB)predati, prepustite
Czech (NOUN)kapitulaci, odevzdání, předání, vzdání
(VERB)vzdát, nevzdá, vzdejte, odevzdejte, vzdali, kapitulovat
Danish (NOUN)overgivelse, kapitulation, returnering, overdragelse, udlevering
(VERB)overgive sig, aflevere, opgive, afkald, returnere
Dutch (NOUN)overgave, overlevering, afkoop, capitulatie
(VERB)overgeven, inleveren
Estonian (NOUN)tagastamine, üleandmise
Fijian soro
Filipino pagsuko
Finnish (NOUN)luovuttamista, antautua
(VERB)antautuminen, luovuttaa, luopuminen
French (NOUN)reddition, capitulation, abandon, cession, remise
(VERB)abandonner, capituler, rendre, céder
German (NOUN)Kapitulation, Hingabe, Übergabe, Verzicht, Auslieferung
(VERB)kapitulieren, ergeben, aufgeben, hingeben, übergeben
Greek (VERB)παραδώσει, παραίτηση, αφεθείτε
Haitian Creole rann tèt
Hebrew (VERB)כניעה, תיכנע, להיכנע, נכנעים, היכנע, נכנע, להכנע, תכנע
Hindi (VERB)आत्मसमर्पण
(NOUN)समर्पण, हवाले
Hmong Daw swb
Hungarian (NOUN)átadás
(VERB)lemondás, átadása
Icelandic (VERB)gefast upp, uppgjöf
Indonesian (VERB)menyerah
Italian (VERB)arrendersi, abbandonarsi, cedere, si arrende, consegnare, rinunciare
(NOUN)resa, rinuncia, abbandono, consegna
Japanese (NOUN)降伏, 陥落, 解約, 明け渡し, 引き渡し
(VERB)サレンダー, 手渡す, 放棄, 明け渡す, 屈服, 引渡し
Kiswahili (VERB)kujisalimisha
Klingon jegh'a'
Korean (VERB)항복, 자수할, 굴복
Latvian (NOUN)padošanās, nodošanas, kapitulāciju, atteikšanos, atsaukšanu
(VERB)nodošanai, jāpadodas, nodot, padodaties, atteikšanās, padoties, izdot
Lithuanian (NOUN)perdavimo, atsisakymas, grąžinimas
(VERB)atsisakyti, pasiduoti
Malagasy panoavana
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)serahan, penyerahan
Maltese (NOUN)ċediment
Norwegian Bokmål overgivelse
Persian (VERB)تسلیم
Polish (NOUN)kapitulacji, wykupu
(VERB)poddania, oddajcie, przekazanie, zrzeczenie się, oddać
Portuguese (NOUN)rendição, entrega, renúncia
(VERB)render, me rendo, se renderem, nos rendemos, entregar, renda
Querétaro Otomi ar rendir
Romanian (NOUN)capitularea, predare, renunţarea
(VERB)predea, ceda, renunţare, preda, cedeze
Russian (VERB)сдаться, предание, отдать
(NOUN)капитуляции, сдачи, распоряжение, смирения
Samoan lafoaia
Serbian (Cyrillic) предаја
Serbian (Latin) predaja
Slovak (VERB)vzdať, Vzdajte, odovzdanie, vzdal
(NOUN)kapituláciu, odovzdania, vzdanie, odobratí
Slovenian (VERB)predajo, izročite, odstopom, vdaja, odpoved
(NOUN)predaja, odpovedi
Spanish (VERB)rendirnos, rendirse, ríndanse, ríndete, entregarse, entregar, entrégate, renunciar
(NOUN)rendición, entrega
Swedish (NOUN)kapitulation, överlämnande, återköpsvärde, avsägelsen
(VERB)kapitulera, avstående, överlämna
Tahitian -hua-raa
Tamil சரண்
Telugu అప్పగించాలని
Thai การยอมจำนน
Tongan tukulolo
Turkish (VERB)teslim
Ukrainian (NOUN)капітуляції, передача
(VERB)здатися, здачі
Urdu (VERB)ہتھیار
Vietnamese đầu hàng
Welsh (NOUN)ildio
Yucatec Maya rendir u
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