tables (plural noun)
  1. a piece of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs, providing a level surface for eating, writing, or working at.
    "she put the plate on the table" ·
    "he rang the restaurant to book a table for lunch"
    bench · board · work surface · worktop · counter · desk · bar · buffet ·
    stand · workbench · worktable · top · horizontal surface · surface
  2. a set of facts or figures systematically displayed, especially in columns.
    "the population has grown, as shown in table 1"
    • a list of rivals or competitors showing their positions relative to one another; a league table.
      "the team's slide down the First Division table"
    • (tables)
      multiplication tables.
      "children at the school have spelling tests and learn their tables"
    • computing
      a collection of data stored in memory as a series of records, each defined by a unique key stored with it.
  3. architecture
    a flat, typically rectangular, vertical surface; a panel.
    • a horizontal moulding, especially a cornice.
    • a slab of wood or stone bearing an inscription.
    • a flat surface of a gem.
    • a cut gem with two flat faces.
    • each half or quarter of a folding board for backgammon.
tables (third person present) · tabled (past tense) · tabled (past participle) · tabling (present participle)
    present formally for discussion or consideration at a meeting.
    "more than 200 amendments to the bill have already been tabled"
    submit · put forward · bring forward · propose · suggest · move · enter ·
    lodge · file · introduce · air · moot · lay
  2. US
    postpone consideration of.
    "I'd like the issue to be tabled for the next few months"
    postpone · put off · delay · defer · put back · hold over/off · carry over ·
    reschedule · do later · shelve · stand over · pigeonhole · put/hold in abeyance · mothball · adjourn · suspend · prorogue · put off the evil day/hour · put over · table · lay on the table · take a rain check on · continue · put on ice · put on the back burner · put in cold storage · remit · respite
  3. sailing
    strengthen (a sail) by making a hem at the edge.
Old English tabule ‘flat slab, inscribed tablet’, from Latin tabula ‘plank, tablet, list’, reinforced in Middle English by Old French table.
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photographed after it proved to be a sleeper, this Regency table took £8,600 instead of £1,500 as anticipated.
he put all his chips on the table and rolled the dice—sooner or later he had to crap out.
three wins would have seen us breathing down the neck of United at the top of the table.
three large round rosettes put together using table cut diamonds set in silvered gold.
although she was paid £15 to join a man at his table, she never prostituted herself.
my vision unfocused and I held on to the table for fear of falling off my chair.
table 3.1 shows the mean number of correct responses given by each age group.
he will be upgraded from an Undersecretary to a seat at the cabinet table.
the situation does not give them a strong hand at the negotiating table.
washbasins are usually inset into a toilet table to form a vanity unit.
Liz had to cooee as he seemed in danger of blundering into the table.
there is plenty of space for a dining table and a three-piece suite.
children at the school have spelling tests and learn their tables.
he gathered all the men around the baize table for a conference.
dark fruit that would leave purple stains on the table napkins.
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How to say table in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)tabel, tafel
Arabic (NOUN)الجدول, جدول, طاولة, الطاولة, مائدة, المائدة, الجداول
Bangla টেবিল
Bosnian (Latin) tablica
Bulgarian (NOUN)таблица, масата, маса, трапезни
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (NOUN)taula, quadre, Mesa, ping, índex
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (NOUN)tablice, stol, sto
Czech (NOUN)tabulka, stolu, stůl, častovat
Danish (NOUN)tabel, bordet, bord, skema
Dutch (NOUN)tabel, tafel, lijst
Estonian (NOUN)tabel, laua, laud
Fijian teveli
Filipino mesa
Finnish (NOUN)taulukko, pöydän, pöytä, esittää
French (NOUN)phréatique
German (NOUN)Tabelle, Tisch
Greek (NOUN)πίνακα, τραπέζι, επιτραπέζια
Haitian Creole tab
Hebrew (NOUN)הטבלה, טבלה, בטבלה, טבלת, שולחן, השולחן, לטבלה, בטבלת, לשולחן, בשולחן, טבלאות
Hindi (NOUN)तालिका, मेज, टेबल, सारणी
Hmong Daw cov lus
Hungarian (NOUN)táblázat, asztal
Icelandic (NOUN)töflunni, tafla, borð, borðið
Indonesian (NOUN)tabel, meja, daftar
Italian (NOUN)tabella, tavolo, ping
Japanese (NOUN)テーブル, 表, 食卓
Kiswahili (NOUN)jedwali, meza, Mezani
Klingon raS
Korean (NOUN)테이블, 표, 표에서, 표에, 표의, 식탁
Latvian (NOUN)tabulas, galda
Lithuanian (NOUN)lentelės, stalo
Malagasy latabatra
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)jadual, Meja, Rajah
Maltese (NOUN)tabella, mejda, iskeda, werrej, lista
Norwegian Bokmål tabell
Persian (NOUN)جدول, میز, سفره
Polish (NOUN)tabela, stół, stole, stołu, stołowe, tablicy
Portuguese (NOUN)tabela, mesa, quadro
Querétaro Otomi tabla
Romanian (NOUN)tabelul, masă, mesei, mese
Russian (NOUN)таблице, стол, Настольный, приведенной ниже таблице
Samoan laulau
Serbian (Cyrillic) Табела
Serbian (Latin) Tabela
Slovak (NOUN)tabuľky, Stolný
Slovenian (NOUN)tabeli, mizo, miza, preglednica, namizni, mizi, kazalo, razpredelnica, mize
Spanish (NOUN)mesa, tabla, cuadro
Swedish (NOUN)tabell, bord, bordet, bordlägga, register, bords
Tahitian amuraa maa
Tamil (NOUN)அட்டவணை
Telugu టేబుల్
Thai (NOUN)ตาราง, โต๊ะ
Tongan tepile
Turkish (NOUN)tablo, masa, masada, masaya, masası, sofra
Ukrainian (NOUN)таблиці, стіл, столом, столик, столу, столі, настільний, табл
Urdu (NOUN)جدول, میز, ٹیبل, جدولی, نقشہ
Vietnamese (NOUN)bảng, bàn, Bóng bàn
Welsh (NOUN)tabl, gyflwyno, nhabl, dabl, Bwrdd, bord, fwrdd
Yucatec Maya tabla
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