tears (third person present) · tore (past tense) · tearing (present participle) · torn (past participle)
  1. pull (something) apart or to pieces with force.
    "I tore up the letter" ·
    "a nation torn asunder by political pressures"
    rip up · rip in two · pull apart · pull to pieces · shred
    • remove by pulling forcefully.
      "he tore up the floorboards"
      snatch · grab · seize · rip · wrench · wrest · pull · pluck · yank
    • make a hole or split in (something) by pulling it or piercing it with a sharp implement.
      "she was always tearing her clothes"
      rip · ladder · snag · lacerate · cut (open) · cut to pieces ·
      cut to ribbons · gash · slash · scratch · claw · mangle · mutilate · hack · pierce · stab · injure · wound
    • make (a hole or split) in something by force.
      "the blast tore a hole in the wall"
    • come apart; rip.
      "the material wouldn't tear"
    • damage (a muscle or ligament) by overstretching it.
      "he tore a ligament playing squash"
  2. informal
    move very quickly in a reckless or excited manner.
    "she tore along the footpath on her bike"
    sprint · race · run · dart · rush · dash · hasten · hurry · scurry · scuttle ·
    scamper · hare · bolt · bound · fly · gallop · career · charge · pound · shoot · hurtle · speed · streak · flash · whizz · zoom · sweep · go like lightning · go hell for leather · go like the wind · pelt · scoot · hotfoot it · leg it · belt · zip · whip · go like a bat out of hell · step on it · get a move on · get cracking · put on some speed · stir one's stumps · go like the clappers · bomb · bucket · wheech · boogie · hightail it · barrel · get the lead out · cut along · post · hie
  3. (be torn)
    be in a state of uncertainty between two conflicting options or parties.
    "he was torn between his duty and his better instincts"
tears (plural noun)
  1. a hole or split in something caused by it having been pulled apart forcefully.
    "there was a tear in her dress"
    rip · hole · split · rent · cut · slash · slit · ladder · run · snag
  2. US
    a brief spell of erratic or unrestrained behaviour; a binge or spree.
    "one of my drinking buddies came for the weekend and we went on a tear"
    • a spell of great success or excellence in performance.
      "he went on a tear, winning three out of every four hands"
Old English teran, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch teren and German zehren, from an Indo-European root shared by Greek derein ‘flay’. The noun dates from the early 17th century.
tears (plural noun)
  1. a drop of clear salty liquid secreted from glands in a person's eye when they cry or when the eye is irritated.
    "a tear rolled down her cheek" ·
    "she burst into tears and stormed off"
tears (third person present) · tearing (present participle) · teared (past tense) · teared (past participle)
  1. US
    (of the eye) produce tears.
    "the freezing wind made her eyes tear"
Old English tēar, of Germanic origin; related to German Zähre, from an Indo-European root shared by Old Latin dacruma ( Latin lacrima) and Greek dakru.
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How to use tear in a sentence?
a lot of bands decided they were going to tear up the rock rule book and start again.
you need to make a deduction for wear and tear on all your belongings.
one of my drinking buddies came for the weekend and we went on a tear.
they're made from a woven surface which doesn't mark or tear.
he went on a tear, winning three out of every four hands.
police used tear gas to disperse large protesting crowds.
he was torn between his duty and his better instincts.
the police used tear gas to disperse the protesters.
skiing purists say the boarders tear up the snow.
this approach saves wear and tear on the books.
a nation torn asunder by political pressures.
threatening to tear the door off its hinges.
a tear traced a lonely path down her cheek.
a tear fell and splashed on to the pillow.
the whole piazza was choky with tear gas.
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How to say tear in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)skeur
Arabic (NOUN)المسيل, دمعة, دمع, الدموع
(VERB)تمزق, تمزيق, امزق, يمزق, انتزع, التمزق
Bangla কাঁদানো
Bosnian (Latin) suza
Bulgarian (NOUN)сълза, разкъсване, късане
(VERB)сълзотворен, късам, откъсне, разкъсат, скъса
Cantonese (Traditional) 撕裂
Catalan (NOUN)llàgrima, esquinç, estrip
(VERB)esquinçar, estripar, arrencar
Chinese Simplified 撕裂
Chinese Traditional 撕裂
Croatian (NOUN)suza, suzu, habanja, suzom, suze
(VERB)poderati, iščupati, srušiti
Czech (NOUN)slza, slzu, slzný, odtrhávací, slzy, díra, trhliny
(VERB)roztrhat, trhat
(ADJECTIVE)slz, roztržení
Danish (NOUN)tåre, ælde
(VERB)rive, slitage
Dutch (NOUN)scheur, traan
(VERB)scheuren, rukken
Estonian (NOUN)pisar, Rebige
Fijian kaliraki tani
Filipino luha
Finnish (VERB)repiä, repeydy
(NOUN)kyynel, revi, kiskoa, repeämä, vuodattaen
French (NOUN)larme, déchirure, lacrymogène
(VERB)déchirer, arracher, se déchire, démolir
(ADJECTIVE)lacrymal, déchirement
German (NOUN)Träne, Risses, Verschleiß
(VERB)reißen, zerreißen, einreißen, ausreißen
Greek (NOUN)δάκρυ, ρήξη
(VERB)σχίσει, σχίσουν, σκίσει, γκρεμίσουν
(ADJECTIVE)δακρύων, ρήγματος, σχίσιμο
Haitian Creole dlo je
Hebrew (NOUN)דמעה, מדמיע, אמוטט, הקרע
(VERB)לקרוע, תקרע, קורעים, להרוס, קורע
Hindi (NOUN)आंसू
Hmong Daw kua muag
Hungarian (NOUN)könnycsepp, szakadás
(VERB)tép, tépje, szakadjon
Icelandic (NOUN)tár
Indonesian (VERB)merobek, robek
(NOUN)keausan, robekan
Italian (NOUN)lacrima, strappo, lacerazione, rottura, dello strappo, usura
(VERB)strappare, lacerazioni
(ADJECTIVE)allo strappo, strappi
Japanese (NOUN)涙, ティア, 涙液, 破れ, 断裂, 消耗, 破損
(VERB)引き裂く, 引き裂き
Kiswahili (NOUN)machozi
Korean (NOUN)눈물
(VERB)찢, 찢어, 찢고, 찢는, 찢기
Latvian (NOUN)asaru, plīsumu, nodilumu, asaras
(VERB)saplēst, izplēst, saraustīt, plīst, plēst, atraut
Lithuanian (NOUN)ašara, ašaros, ašarinės, plyšimo, sci, nusidėvėjimą
(ADJECTIVE)ašarų, ašarinių
Malagasy ranomaso
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)lusuh
Maltese dmugħ
Norwegian Bokmål rive
Persian (NOUN)پارگی, اشک
Polish (NOUN)łza, rozdarcie, łzawiącego, łzy, łzę
(VERB)łzawiący, oderwać, przedrzeć, ściaga, łez
Portuguese (NOUN)lágrima, rasgo, lacrimogêneo, desgaste
(VERB)rasgar, rasgue, arrancar, destruir
Querétaro Otomi desgarro
Romanian (NOUN)lacrimă, ruptura, uzurii
(VERB)lacrimogene, rupă, rupe
Russian (NOUN)слезоточивый, разрыв
(VERB)рвать, оторвать, разорвать, порвать, сорвать, вырвать
Samoan loimata
Serbian (Cyrillic) суза
Serbian (Latin) suza
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)slzný, sĺz, dotržení
(NOUN)slza, slzu, roztrhnutiu, slzy
(VERB)roztrhať, trhať, odtrhnúť
Slovenian (NOUN)solza, raztrga, Iscijepati
(VERB)trgati, razdejati
Spanish (NOUN)rasgón, lágrima, lacrimógeno, desgarro, rotura
(VERB)rasgar, desgarrar, romper, arrancar
Swedish (NOUN)tår, revan, reva, rispa, tÃ
(VERB)riva, slita, riv, River
Tahitian roimata
Tamil கண்ணீர்
Telugu కన్నీటి
Tongan tukuhifo
Turkish (NOUN)gözyaşı, tokaç, yıpranma, yırtık
(ADJECTIVE)göz yaşartıcı, yırtılma
(VERB)parçala, yırt, kopar, ayıracağını, yık
Ukrainian (NOUN)сльозу, зносом
(VERB)рвати, відірвати, сльозогінного
Urdu (NOUN)آنسو
Vietnamese (VERB)
(NOUN)rách, giọt nước mắt, mòn
Welsh (VERB)rhwygo
Yucatec Maya desgarro
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