1. at that time; at the time in question.
    "I was living in Cairo then" ·
    "Phoebe by then was exhausted" · "he accepted a peerage from the then Prime Minister, Edward Heath"
    at that time · at that point · in those days · at that point in time ·
    at that moment · on that occasion
  2. after that; next; afterwards.
    "she won the first and then the second game"
    next · after that · afterwards · subsequently · later
  3. in that case; therefore.
    "if you do what I tell you, then there's nothing to worry about" ·
    "well, that's okay then"
    in that case · that being the case · that being so ·
    under those circumstances · it follows that
    • used at the end of a sentence to emphasize an inference being drawn.
      "so you're still here then"
    • used to finish off a conversation.
      "see you in an hour then"
Old English thænne, thanne, thonne, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch dan and German dann, also to that and the.
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The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I always advice people - Don't wait ! Do something when you are young, when you have no responsibilities. Invest time in yourself to have great Experiences that are going to enrich you, then you can't possibly lose.

Steve Jobs

I always advice people - Don't wait ! Do something when you are young, when you have no responsibilities. Invest time in yourself to have great Experiences that are going to enrich you, then you can't possibly lose.

Steve Jobs
property owners remove furnaces and other appliances before renting or selling, and then reinstall them when someone moves in.
inheritance tax could be due if you make a substantial gift or settlement and then die within the following seven years.
she would be more likely to use a temporal connective such as before, after, or then than to use a causal connective.
we've all been there—you've just spent the last five hours carefully crafting a document and then, phut!.
potential hail clouds are observed by radar, then seeded by lead iodide fired into the cloud's centre.
if more than one suffix can be mapped on to the end of a word then the longest is chosen for removal.
they demand their children seek permission for any act, but then turn upon them as unenterprising.
she faltered momentarily and then resorted to the teenager's favourite stock response ‘whatever’.
if sharp teeth increase fitness, then genes causing teeth to be sharp will increase in frequency.
a total departure from the muscle-bound hulks and he-men that then dominated the superhero scene.
if they are not able to detoxify in their normal environment then they will never come off drugs.
the bricks and other plastic toys then need to be fitted back into their appropriate containers.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (ADVERB)dan, toe, daarna
Arabic (ADVERB)ثم, إذن, ذلك الحين, بعدها, ثم قم, عندئذ, عندها, إذا, حينها, ف, بعد
Bangla তারপর
Bosnian (Latin) Zatim
Bulgarian (ADVERB)тогава, после, след, то
Cantonese (Traditional) 然之後
Catalan (ADVERB)llavors, després, continuació, aleshores, doncs
Chinese Simplified 然后
Chinese Traditional 然後
Croatian (ADVERB)onda, zatim, tada, potom, pa
Czech (ADVERB)pak, potom, poté, následně, někdy, tak, tedy
Danish (ADVERB)derefter, så, da, dengang, herefter
Dutch (ADVERB)vervolgens, dan, daarna, toen
Estonian (ADVERB)seejärel, siis, sealt
Fijian qai
Filipino Pagkatapos ay
Finnish (ADVERB)sitten, niin, silloin, jälkeen
French (ADVERB)puis, alors, ensuite, donc, là, lors
German (ADVERB)dann, anschließend, danach, damals
Greek (ADVERB)στη συνέχεια, τότε, έπειτα, κατόπιν, μετά, λοιπόν
Haitian Creole apre
Hebrew (ADVERB)ולאחר מכן, אז, ואז, לאחר מכן, מכן
Hindi (ADVERB)तब, फिर, तो, उसके बाद
Hmong Daw ces
Hungarian (ADVERB)akkor, majd, aztán, ezután, azután, ekkor, ezt követően
Icelandic (ADVERB)þá, síðan, svo
Indonesian (ADVERB)kemudian, maka, lalu, itu, selanjutnya
Italian (ADVERB)poi, allora, quindi, successivamente
Japanese (ADVERB)それから, 次, し, そして, その, して, 後
Kiswahili (ADVERB)kisha, basi, ndipo, halafu, baadaye, hapo, huo
Klingon ghIq
Korean (ADVERB)다음, 그때, 그런 다음, 그럼, 그렇다면, 그러면, 누른 다음, 후, 그리고, 그
Latvian (ADVERB)pēc tam, tad, tam
Lithuanian (ADVERB)tada, tuomet, paskui, vėliau, ten, tai
Malagasy avy eo dia
Malay (Latin) (ADVERB)kemudian, maka, itu
Maltese (ADVERB)imbagħad, mbagħad, allura, imbgħad, mela
Norwegian Bokmål deretter
Persian (ADVERB)سپس, پس, بعد, آنگاه
Polish (ADVERB)następnie, wtedy, potem, wówczas, to, czym
Portuguese (ADVERB)então, em seguida, depois, aí, seguir
Querétaro Otomi Gem'bu̲
Romanian (ADVERB)apoi, atunci
Russian (ADVERB)затем, тогда, потом, то, значит, далее
Samoan ona
Serbian (Cyrillic) Онда
Serbian (Latin) Onda
Slovak (ADVERB)potom, následne
Slovenian (ADVERB)potem, nato, nato pa, torej, takrat
Spanish (ADVERB)entonces, luego, continuación, después, pues
Swedish (ADVERB)sedan, då, därefter, sen, så, dess
Tahitian i muri iho
Tamil (ADVERB)பின்னர், அதன்பின், பிறகு, பின்
Telugu అప్పుడు
Thai (ADVERB)แล้ว, นั้น
Tongan Hili ia pea
Turkish (ADVERB)sonra, ardından, Öyleyse, O halde, ondan sonra, Peki, o
Ukrainian (ADVERB)потім, то, тоді, після чого, далі
Urdu (ADVERB)پھر, تو, تب, پس, بعد, کریں, وقت
Vietnamese (ADVERB)sau đó, thì, rồi, đó, vậy
Welsh (ADVERB)yna, wedyn, pryd, hynny
Yucatec Maya túun
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