1. used to refer to two or more people or things previously mentioned or easily identified.
    "the two men could get life sentences if they are convicted"
    • people in general.
      "the rest, as they say, is history"
    • informal
      people in authority regarded collectively.
      "they cut my water off"
  2. used to refer to a person of unspecified gender.
    "ask a friend if they could help"
Middle English: from Old Norse their, nominative plural masculine of sá ; related to them and their, also to that and the.
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I wanted to achieve something essential in life, something that is not measured by money or position in society. The mountains are not stadiums where I satisfy my ambitions to achieve. they are my cathedrals, the houses of my religion. In the mountains I attempt to understand my life. they are the way I practice my religion. In the mountains I celebrate creation, on each journey I am reborn.

Anatoli Boukreev

The idea that everyone should slavishly work so they do something inefficiently so they keep their job – that just doesn’t make any sense to me. That can’t be the right answer.

Larry Page

Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her: but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.

the fact that technical barriers are relatively unapparent in other countries does not mean that they do not present a potential threat.
there were rumours of a rift between him and his colleagues, supposedly because they were jealous of his relationship with the Duchess.
international law and the New Zealand Bill of Rights say that everyone has the right to seek asylum if they are found to be persecuted.
when you encounter people who parrot the population-control agenda, they often fail to realize that they have been propagandized.
they would regard the question of the initial conditions for the universe as belonging to the realm of metaphysics or religion.
it is not that such judgements do not have a truth value, but that they do not have one unless relativized in a particular way.
the laws of mechanics and electricity predicted that the electrons would spiral inward until they collided with the nucleus.
people not only want to connect when using a network but they also enjoy getting credit for sharing or curating information.
editors have an obligation to provide readers with the information needed to judge the believability of articles they read.
exhibitions can introduce ideas that you might not have previously thought about, or they can recontextualize an object.
pages that rank well are likely to receive high numbers of likes because they are highly visible in the search engines.
when viruses succeed in binding to cell membrane receptors they still have to enter the cell before they can replicate.
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How to say they in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (PRONOUN)hulle
Arabic (PRONOUN)انهم, انها, هم
Bangla তারা
Bosnian (Latin) Oni
Bulgarian (PRONOUN)те
Cantonese (Traditional) 佢哋
Catalan (PRONOUN)ells, que
Chinese Simplified 他们
Chinese Traditional 他們
Croatian (PRONOUN)oni, su
Czech (PRONOUN)oni
Danish (PRONOUN)de
Dutch (PRONOUN)ze, zij
Estonian (PRONOUN)nad, need
Fijian era
Filipino sila
Finnish (PRONOUN)he, ne
French (PRONOUN)ils, elles, qu'ils
German (PRONOUN)Sie
Greek (PRONOUN)που
Haitian Creole yo
Hebrew (PRONOUN)הם, שהם
Hindi (PRONOUN)वे
Hmong Daw lawv
Hungarian (PRONOUN)ők, azok, ezek
Icelandic (PRONOUN)þeir, þau, þær
Indonesian (PRONOUN)mereka
Italian (PRONOUN)essi, hanno, che
Japanese (PRONOUN)彼ら, それら
Kiswahili (PRONOUN)wao
Klingon chaH
Korean (PRONOUN)그들이
Latvian (PRONOUN)viņi, tie, tās
Lithuanian (PRONOUN)jie, jos
Malagasy izy ireo
Malay (Latin) (PRONOUN)mereka
Maltese (PRONOUN)huma, dawn
Norwegian Bokmål de
Persian (PRONOUN)آنها
Polish (PRONOUN)one, oni
Portuguese (PRONOUN)eles, elas
Querétaro Otomi Nuyu̲
Romanian (PRONOUN)acestea, ei, ele, au
Russian (PRONOUN)они
Samoan latou
Serbian (Cyrillic) Они су
Serbian (Latin) Oni su
Slovak (PRONOUN)oni
Slovenian (PRONOUN)oni, jih, so
Spanish (PRONOUN)ellos, que
Swedish (PRONOUN)de
Tahitian ratou
Tamil (PRONOUN)அவை, அவர்கள்
Telugu వారు
Thai (PRONOUN)จะ
Tongan Na'a nau
Turkish (PRONOUN)onlar, -lar, -yorlar
Ukrainian (PRONOUN)вони
Urdu (PRONOUN)وہ, انہوں
Vietnamese (PRONOUN)họ, chúng
Welsh (PRONOUN)maent, byddant, ydynt, iddynt, maen nhw, oeddent
Yucatec Maya Leti'ob
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