1. constituting number three in a sequence; 3rd.
    "the third century" ·
    "the third of October" · "Edward the Third"
    • the third finisher or position in a race or competition.
      "Hill finished third"
    • the third in a sequence of a vehicle's gears.
      "he took the corner in third"
    • baseball
      third base.
      the third form of a school or college.
    • thirdly (used to introduce a third point or reason).
      "second, they are lightly regulated; and third, they do business with non-resident clients"
      a place in the third grade in an examination, especially that for a degree.
  2. each of three equal parts into which something is or may be divided.
    "a third of a mile"
  3. music
    an interval spanning three consecutive notes in a diatonic scale, e.g. C to E (major third, equal to two tones) or A to C (minor third, equal to a tone and a semitone).
    • the note which is higher by a third than the tonic of a diatonic scale or root of a chord.
Old English thridda, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch derde and German dritte, also to three. The spelling thrid was dominant until the 16th century (but thirdda is recorded in Northumbrian dialect as early as the 10th century).
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How to use third in a sentence?
four minutes into the third period, Hull scored his 70th goal of the season, deking a Flyer defenceman to the ice.
he slept fitfully for the third night in a row, tumbling the covers about him as he tried to get comfortable.
the companies may posture regret, but they have a vested interest in increasing third World sales.
the streets have names like third Avenue, but the resemblance to Manhattan is only nominal.
second, they are lightly regulated; and third, they do business with non-resident clients.
on the third day after his death the human body of Jesus was quickened by the Spirit.
thick, established plants can be pruned by cutting out about one third of all stems.
he juked a Jaguars defender and ran seven yards for his third touchdown of the game.
once the coast to the moon had begun, Apollo was separated from the third stage.
the Community intends to start discussions on reciprocity with third countries.
less than a third of sharks and rays went extinct at the end of the Cretaceous.
a sympathetic third party is of help when marriage conflict gets out of hand.
McNabb scrambled in the third quarter and threw a touchdown pass to Maddox.
the Prime Minister claimed that he was concerned about third World debt.
the E flat clarinet sounds a minor third higher than the written notes.
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How to say third in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (ADJECTIVE)derde
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)الثالثة, ثالث, ثالثة, خارجية
Bangla তৃতীয়
Bosnian (Latin) Treći
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)трети, трета, трето
Cantonese (Traditional) 第三
Catalan (ADJECTIVE)tercer, terç
Chinese Simplified 第三
Chinese Traditional 第三
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)treći, treće, treća, treću, trećoj
Czech (ADJECTIVE)třetí, tercie
Danish (ADJECTIVE)tredje, tredie
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)derde, terts, drie
Estonian (ADJECTIVE)kolmas
Fijian ikatolu
Filipino ikatlong
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)kolmas, yhteisön ulkopuolisten
French (ADJECTIVE)troisième, tiers, 3e, 3ème
German (ADJECTIVE)dritte, Drittel
Greek (ADJECTIVE)τρίτο, τρίτη, τρίτες, τρίτων, τρίτα
Haitian Creole twazyèm
Hebrew (ADJECTIVE)השלישי, שלישי, ג'
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)तीसरे, तृतीय, तिहाई
Hmong Daw thib peb
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)harmadik, külső
Icelandic (ADJECTIVE)þriðja
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)ketiga, tiga
Italian (ADJECTIVE)terzo, terza, terzi
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)3 番目, 第三, 第3, サード, 3 つ目, 三番目, 第三世, 3分の1, 第3回, 第三者
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)tatu, theluthi
Klingon wejDIch
Korean (ADJECTIVE)세 번째, 제 3, 셋째, 번째
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)trešām, trešo, trešdaļu, ārpuskopienas
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)trečiųjų
Malagasy fahatelo
Malay (Latin) (ADJECTIVE)ketiga, pertiga
Maltese (ADJECTIVE)terzi, terz, tielet, terza
Norwegian Bokmål tredje
Persian (ADJECTIVE)سوم, سومین, ثالث, سومين
Polish (ADJECTIVE)trzeci, III
Portuguese (ADJECTIVE)terceiro, terço, 3ª, 3º
Querétaro Otomi Tercero
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)treia, terțe, al treilea, terţă
Russian (ADJECTIVE)третий, 3й
Samoan lona tolu
Serbian (Cyrillic) Трећи
Serbian (Latin) Treći
Slovak (ADJECTIVE)tretích, tretej, treťom, účinnosť tretí
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)tretji
Spanish (ADJECTIVE)tercer, tercio
Swedish (ADJECTIVE)tredje, thirden, trea
Tahitian toru
Tamil (ADJECTIVE)மூன்றாம், மூன்றாவது
Telugu మూడో
Tongan hono tolu
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)üçüncü, üçte
Ukrainian (ADJECTIVE)третій, третього, третє, третя, третина, третю
Urdu (ADJECTIVE)تیسری, تیسرے, تیسرا, تہائی, تھرڈ, تہائ
(ADVERB)سوم, ثانی
Vietnamese (NOUN)ba
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)trydydd, drydydd, drydedd, trydedd, thrydydd, traean, nhrydydd, draean, dair
Yucatec Maya Ts'o'ok
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