1. despite the fact that; although.
    "though they were speaking in undertones, Percival could hear them"
    although · in spite of the fact that · despite the fact that · even though ·
    though · for all that
    • even if (introducing a possibility).
      "you will be informed of its progress, slow though that may be"
    • however; but (introducing something opposed to or qualifying what has just been said).
      "her first name was Rose, though no one called her that"
      although · even though/if · in spite of the fact that ·
      despite the fact that · notwithstanding the fact that · notwithstanding that · for all that · while · whilst · granted that · even supposing · despite the possibility that · albeit · however · yet · but
  1. however (indicating that a factor qualifies or imposes restrictions on what was said previously).
    "I was hunting for work. Jobs were scarce though"
    nevertheless · nonetheless · even so · however · be that as it may ·
    for all that · in spite of that/everything · despite that/everything · after everything · having said that · just the same · all the same · at the same time · in any event · come what may · at any rate · notwithstanding · regardless · anyway · anyhow · still and all · howbeit · withal · natheless
Old English thēah, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German doch ; superseded in Middle English by forms from Old Norse thó, thau.
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though there are no plans to dual the road, a public consultation on the A64 is set to start before the end of the year.
though many of these places see few visitors, they are all attentively staffed by local people who are eager to help.
a number of paintings have been attributed to him on stylistic grounds, though his authorship is not certain.
I feel as though I have to scribble lines off to you so fast that I don't even have a chance to cerebrate.
though he was without formal training as dancer or athlete, his physical agility was inexhaustible.
though it was quite as hot in the tent as in the house it was a very different sort of hotness.
the story, though a pastoral, has an actual connection with the life of agricultural labour.
each company ballyhoos its product as though it were the most outstanding in all creation.
the government has been fudging figures to make it look as though targets have been met.
the born worrier medicates the common cold as though it were a terminal condition.
the shipment was delivered eventually though some of the perishables had gone off.
each polyp is capable of budding new polyps though asexual reproduction in spring.
though the system is making some headway, there are still some kinks to iron out.
he kept his distance as though afraid propinquity might lead him into temptation.
the roots are several inches long, though the plant itself is only a foot tall.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (PREPOSITION)hoewel, al, alhoewel
Arabic (PREPOSITION)رغم, لو
Bangla যদিও
Bosnian (Latin) Iako
Bulgarian (PREPOSITION)все пак, макар, въпреки, обаче
Cantonese (Traditional) 雖然
Catalan (PREPOSITION)tanmateix, encara, malgrat
Chinese Simplified 虽然
Chinese Traditional 雖然
Croatian (PREPOSITION)iako
Czech (PREPOSITION)i když, ačkoli
Danish (PREPOSITION)selvom
Dutch (PREPOSITION)hoewel, niettemin
Estonian (PREPOSITION)kuigi, küll
Fijian e dina
Filipino Bagaman
Finnish (PREPOSITION)vaikka, kuitenkin
German (PREPOSITION)obwohl
Greek (ADVERB)όμως, ωστόσο
(PREPOSITION)παρόλο που, μολονότι, παρότι
Haitian Creole menm si
Hebrew (PREPOSITION)למרות
Hindi (PREPOSITION)हालांकि, यद्यपि
Hmong Daw ho
Hungarian (PREPOSITION)bár, mégis
Icelandic (PREPOSITION)þó
Indonesian (PREPOSITION)meskipun, walaupun
Italian (PREPOSITION)perō, se
Japanese (PREPOSITION)けれども, しかし
Kiswahili (PREPOSITION)ingawa
Klingon pagh
Korean (PREPOSITION)비록, 그래도, 불구
Latvian (PREPOSITION)lai_gan, kaut_arī, kaut_gan, gan
Lithuanian (PREPOSITION)nors
Malagasy aza
Malay (Latin) (PREPOSITION)walaupun, meskipun
Maltese (PREPOSITION)għalkemm, jekk
Norwegian Bokmål skjønt
Persian (PREPOSITION)اگرچه, گرچه, اگر
Polish (PREPOSITION)choć, chociaż, jednak
Portuguese (PREPOSITION)embora
Querétaro Otomi Anke
Romanian (PREPOSITION)deşi
Russian (PREPOSITION)хотя
Samoan e ui
Serbian (Cyrillic) Мада
Serbian (Latin) Mada
Slovak (PREPOSITION)hoci, keď
Slovenian (PREPOSITION)čeprav, četudi
Spanish (PREPOSITION)aunque
Swedish (PREPOSITION)dock, men
Tahitian noatu
Tamil என்றாலும்
Telugu అయితే
Thai (PREPOSITION)แม้ว่า
Tongan Neongo
Turkish (PREPOSITION)olsa, rağmen, gerçi, olmasına rağmen, ancak
(ADVERB)yine de, ama
Ukrainian (PREPOSITION)хоча, хоч
Vietnamese (PREPOSITION)mặc dù, dù
Yucatec Maya Kex
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