throws (third person present) · threw (past tense) · throwing (present participle) · thrown (past participle)
  1. propel (something) with force through the air by a movement of the arm and hand.
    "I threw a brick through the window"
    hurl · toss · fling · pitch · cast · lob · launch · flip · catapult · shy · dash ·
    aim · direct · project · propel · send · bowl · chuck · heave · sling · buzz · whang · bung · peg · hoy · bish
    catch · hold
    • push or force (someone or something) violently and suddenly into a particular physical position or state.
      "the pilot and one passenger were thrown clear and survived" ·
      "the door was thrown open and a uniformed guard entered the room"
      move quickly/suddenly · push suddenly/violently · thrust · fling ·
      propel · shoot · slam · smack · bang · crash · thump · push · force · plonk
    • put in place or erect quickly.
      "the stewards had thrown a cordon across the fairway"
    • move (a part of the body) quickly or suddenly in a particular direction.
      "she threw her head back and laughed"
    • project or cast (light or shadow) in a particular direction.
      "a chandelier threw its bright light over the walls"
      project · cast · send · give off · emit · radiate
    • deliver (a punch).
      "Cheryl drew back her fist and threw another punch"
      deliver · give · land
    • direct a particular kind of look or facial expression.
      "she threw a withering glance at him"
      direct · cast · send · dart · shoot · bestow on · give
    • project (one's voice) so that it appears to come from someone or something else, as in ventriloquism.
      "I can throw my voice—I could make a fortune as a medium"
    • (throw something off/on)
      put on or take off (a garment) hastily.
      "I tumbled out of bed, threw on my tracksuit, and joined the others"
      put on quickly · pull on · drag on · don quickly · slip into
    • move (a switch or lever) so as to operate a device.
      "at the trolley portal the operator had to manually throw the switch using a switch iron"
      operate · switch on · click on · engage · move
    • roll (dice).
      "he reached out and put the dice in the shaker and threw them"
    • obtain (a specified number) by rolling dice.
    • informal
      lose (a race or contest) intentionally, especially in return for a bribe.
      "the man who throws a race is a crook for life"
    • cricket
      bowl (the ball) with an unlawful bent arm action.
    • (of a horse) lose (a shoe).
  2. send suddenly into a particular state or condition.
    "he threw all her emotions into turmoil" ·
    "the bond market was thrown into confusion"
  3. send (one's opponent) to the ground in wrestling, judo, or similar activity.
    "in the final Arnaud was too strong, and threw Hughes twice"
    fell · throw to the ground · hurl to the ground · unbalance · bring down ·
    • (of a horse) unseat (its rider).
      "their horse threw its jockey before the race had started"
      unseat · dislodge · upset · bring down
  4. form (ceramic ware) on a potter's wheel.
    "further on a potter was throwing pots"
    shape · form · mould · fashion
    • turn (wood or other material) on a lathe.
    • twist (silk or other fabrics) into thread or yarn.
  5. have (a fit or tantrum).
    "occasionally a small child will throw a tantrum when denied something"
  6. give or hold (a party).
    "he threw a huge farewell party for them"
    give · host · hold · have · provide · put on · lay on · arrange · organize
  7. (of an animal) give birth to (young, especially of a specified kind).
    "sometimes a completely black calf is thrown"
throws (plural noun)
  1. an act of throwing something.
    "Holding's throw hit the stumps"
    lob · pitch · flip · shy · go · bowl · ball · hurl · toss · fling · cast · chuck ·
    • an act of throwing one's opponent in wrestling, judo, or a similar sport.
      "a shoulder throw"
    • cricket
      an illegitimate delivery considered to have been thrown rather than properly bowled.
    • short for throw of the dice below.
      "this decision represents something of a final throw" ·
      "people who hazard their entire company on one major throw"
  2. a light cover for furniture.
  3. informal
    (a throw)
    used to indicate how much a single item, turn, or attempt costs.
    "he was offering to draw on-the-spot portraits at £25 a throw"
    each · apiece · per item · for one
  4. geology
    the extent of vertical displacement in a fault.
  5. a machine or device by or on which an object is turned while being shaped.
  6. the action or motion of a slide valve or of a crank, eccentric wheel, or cam.
    • the distance moved by the pointer of an instrument.
Old English thrāwan ‘to twist, turn’, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch draaien and German drehen, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin terere ‘to rub’, Greek teirein ‘wear out’. throw (sense 1of the verb), expressing propulsion and sudden action, dates from Middle English.
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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him.

Sidney Greenberg

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him.

Sidney Greenberg

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him.

Sidney Greenberg
he'll be the one to throw the first punch, then run to the back when the others steam in.
at the trolley portal the operator had to manually throw the switch using a switch iron.
the team manager refuses to throw in the towel and admit that relegation is inevitable.
the studies throw doubt on whether these businesses are really self-sustaining.
he muffed a perfect throw home that should have nailed Slo-Joe by yards.
occasionally a small child will throw a tantrum when denied something.
society is going to throw off the shackles of racism and colonialism.
I tumbled out of bed, threw on my tracksuit, and joined the others.
the two sides took over the local media to throw mud at each other.
these data throw doubt on the reliability of national statistics.
the door was thrown open and a uniformed guard entered the room.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)gooi
Arabic (VERB)رمي, ارمي, إلقاء, ورمي, يلقي, يرمي, القي, ترمي, تلقي, طرح
Bangla নিক্ষেপ
Bosnian (Latin) baciti
Bulgarian (VERB)хвърлят, изхвърли
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (VERB)llançar, llençar, tirar, rebutgi
(NOUN)tir, llançament
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (VERB)baciti, bacati, bacanje, bacaju, izbaci, odbacuj, bacam, Ubaci, baca
Czech (VERB)hodit, házet, Hoď, hoďte, vyvolat, vyhodit, zahoď, vrhnout, házení
Danish (VERB)smide, kaste, kast
Dutch (VERB)gooien, werpen, werp, plaid, werpt
(NOUN)aangooi, worp
Estonian (VERB)viska, visata
Fijian viritaka
Filipino magtapon ng
Finnish (VERB)heittää
French (VERB)jeter, lancer, lever, balancer
German (VERB)werfen, schmeißen, auslösen, löst, wegwerfen
Greek (VERB)ρίξει, Πέτα, ρίξτε, ρίχνουν, ρίχνει, ρίξουν, ρίξετε, πετάνε, πετάξει
(NOUN)απόσταση αναπνοής, ρίψη
Haitian Creole voye
Hebrew (VERB)לזרוק, זרוק, תזרוק, זורקים, זרקו, זורק, אזרוק, להשליך, תזרקי, זורקת, לערוך
Hindi (VERB)फेंक, फेंकने, निकाल
Hmong Daw pov
Hungarian (VERB)dobja, dobni, dobd, dobjon, dobj, dob, bedobja
Icelandic (VERB)kasta, henda, Hentu, fleygja
Indonesian (VERB)melemparkan, membuang, lempar
(NOUN)lemparan, membuangnya
Italian (VERB)gettare, buttare, lanciare, butti, generare, getti, tirare
(NOUN)tiro, passi, lancio
Japanese (VERB)スロー, 投げる, 投げ, 捨てる, 投, 投げて, 捨て
Kiswahili (VERB)kutupa
Klingon chuH
Korean (VERB)던져, 던질, 포기
Latvian (VERB)mest, iemest, izmest, aizmet, sviest, met, padzīt, izgrūst, nomest
Lithuanian (VERB)mesti, metimas, įmesti, Rzuc, išmesti, KRISKITE, Mesk
Malagasy ario
Malay (Latin) (VERB)membaling, Buangkan, Campakkanlah, membuang
Maltese jitfgħu
Norwegian Bokmål kaste
Persian (VERB)پرتاب, انداختن, بزنند
Polish (VERB)wrzucam, rzucać, rzucić, wyrzucić, wywalić, Rzuć, rozkręcenia, podrzucić, zgłoś
Portuguese (VERB)jogá, jogue, jogar, atirar, lançar, deitar, jogam, mandar
Querétaro Otomi tiro
Romanian (VERB)arunca, gît
Russian (VERB)бросить, выбросить, кидать, кинуть, забросить, выкинуть, устроить, сбросить
Samoan togi
Serbian (Cyrillic) Баци
Serbian (Latin) Baci
Slovak (VERB)hodiť, hádzať, Hoď, vyhodiť, házet, házení, vrhnúť
Slovenian (VERB)vrgel, metati, vrzi, met, mečite, mečejo, vreči, zrušenje, vržejo, vrže, vrgli
Spanish (VERB)tirar, lanzar, arrojar, echar, tirarle, echarle
(NOUN)tiro, lanzamiento
Swedish (VERB)kasta, slänga
Tahitian taora
Tamil எறியும்
Telugu త్రో
Thai (VERB)โยน
Tongan Li
Turkish (VERB)atmak, fırlat, atın, atma, at, yarat, atar, atı, ata
Ukrainian (VERB)кинути, кидати, викинути, кидаєте, кидок, киньте, Кидай, кидають, закинути
Urdu (VERB)پھینک
Vietnamese (VERB)ném, vứt, quăng
Welsh (VERB)daflu, taflu, thaflu, fwrw
Yucatec Maya tiro
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