1. on or in the course of this present day.
    "she's thirty today" ·
    "he will appear in court today"
    this day · this very day · before tomorrow · this morning · this afternoon ·
    this evening
  1. this present day.
    "today is a rest day" ·
    "today's match against United"
    this day · this very day
    • the present period of time.
      "the powerful computers of today" ·
      "today's society"
      the present · the present day · the present time · now ·
      the here and now · this moment · this time · this period · this age
Old English tō dæg ‘on (this) day’. Compare with tomorrow and tonight.
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How to use today in a sentence?
the Amish communities of today have syncretized many traditional elements of their material culture with elements in the New World.
the planet was some 3 degrees to 5 degrees C (5 degrees to 9 degrees F) warmer during the Eemian period than it is today.
another meeting of the emergency COBRA committee will be held today to discuss how to tackle the floods.
you think any of these punks they got fighting today could stand up to Joe Louis?.
a series of five stamps issued today to mark the 14th World Orchid Conference.
today the President dedicates the new Second World War memorial in Washington.
you have until COB today to show us why you should not be disconnected.
today many Anglican clergy in rural areas are technically pluralists.
is gladiatorial political debate on TV a thriving phenomenon today?.
the nouveau riche of today buy leather covered volumes by the metre.
millions of people in Britain today cannot afford adequate housing.
rackets today don't bend or absorb shock the way wooden rackets do.
he was a cornball when compared to the svelte politicians of today.
a portrait of Canon Jarrat and his wife hangs in the church today.
have a bostin time if you are celebrating Black Country Day today.
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How to say today in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)vandag
Arabic (NOUN)اليوم, أمس
Bangla আজ
Bosnian (Latin) danas
Bulgarian (NOUN)днес
Cantonese (Traditional) 今日
Catalan (NOUN)avui, actualitat
Chinese Simplified 今天
Chinese Traditional 今天
Croatian (NOUN)danas
Czech (NOUN)dnes, dneska, dnešní, dnešek, současnosti
Danish (NOUN)idag, dag, dagens, vore dages, nutidens
Dutch (NOUN)vandaag, tegenwoordig, heden, huidige, nu, op dit moment
Estonian (NOUN)täna, eile, tänasest
Fijian nikua
Filipino ngayon
Finnish (NOUN)tänään, eilen, nykyään, nykyisin, nyt, päivän
French (NOUN)aujourd'hui, actuel
German (NOUN)heute, heutigen, heutzutage
Greek (NOUN)σήμερα
Haitian Creole Jodia
Hebrew (NOUN)היום, כיום, להיום
Hindi (NOUN)आज, टुडे
Hmong Daw hnub no
Hungarian (NOUN)ma, mai, mai napon, napjainkban, manapság
Icelandic (NOUN)dag, gerð
Indonesian (NOUN)tanggal hari ini jam, kemarin, hari
Italian (NOUN)oggi, odierna
Japanese (NOUN)今日, 今日は, 本日, 現在, 今すぐ
Kiswahili (NOUN)leo, hivi leo
Klingon DaHjaj
Korean (NOUN)오늘, 투데이, 현재
Latvian (NOUN)šodien, odien, mūsdienās, šobrīd, vakar
Lithuanian (NOUN)šiandien
Malagasy ankehitriny
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)hari, semalam
Maltese (NOUN)illum, Ilum
Norwegian Bokmål i dag
Persian (NOUN)امروز, دیروز
Polish (NOUN)dzisiaj, dniu dzisiejszym, dziœ, obecnie, współczesnych
Portuguese (NOUN)hoje, atualmente
Querétaro Otomi nu'bya
Romanian (NOUN)astăzi, azi, prezent
Russian (NOUN)сегодня, вчера, современном, настоящее время
Samoan i le aso
Serbian (Cyrillic) данас
Serbian (Latin) danas
Slovak (NOUN)dnes, dnešné, dneška, dnešok, súčasnosti
Slovenian (NOUN)danes, današnji
Spanish (NOUN)hoy, actualidad
Swedish (NOUN)idag, dag, todayen, dagens
Tahitian i teie mahana
Tamil (NOUN)இன்று
Telugu నేడు
Thai (NOUN)วันนี้
Tongan 'aho ni
Turkish (NOUN)bugün, Günümüzde, gün
Ukrainian (NOUN)сьогодні, сучасному, нині
Urdu (NOUN)آج, آج کل, ٹوڈے
Vietnamese (NOUN)nay, hôm
Welsh (NOUN)heddiw
Yucatec Maya Bejla'e'
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