toes (plural noun)
  1. any of the five digits at the end of the human foot.
    "he cut his big toe on a sharp stone"
    bottom · base · toe · edge · end · lowest part · lowest point ·
    lower limits · foundation
    • any of the digits of the foot of a quadruped or bird.
    • the part of an item of footwear that covers a person's toes.
      "socks that were holed at the toes"
  2. the lower end, tip, or point of something.
    • the tip of the head of a golf club, furthest from the shaft.
    • the base of a cliff, slope, or embankment.
      "valley widening and river meandering have eroded the toe of the slopes and caused new landslides"
    • a flattish portion at the foot of an otherwise steep curve on a graph.
      "the contrast potential of the printing is indicated by the steepness of the curve from shoulder to toe"
    • a section of a rhizome or similar fleshy root from which a new plant may be propagated.
toes (third person present) · toed (past tense) · toed (past participle) · toeing (present participle)
  1. push, touch, or kick with one's toe.
    "he toed off his shoes and flexed his feet"
    • golf
      strike (the ball) with the toe of the club.
  2. (toe in/out)
    walk with the toes pointed in (or out).
    "he toes out when he walks"
    • (of a pair of wheels) converge (or diverge) slightly at the front.
      "on a turn, the inner wheel toes out more"
Old English tā, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch tee and German Zeh, Zehe. Current senses of the verb date from the mid 19th century.
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How to use toe in a sentence?
the contrast potential of the printing is indicated by the steepness of the curve from shoulder to toe.
valley widening and river meandering have eroded the toe of the slopes and caused new landslides.
they got into lines and began to heel, toe, and then jump together.
I witnessed the denigration of anyone who failed to toe the line.
she traced a pattern in the dirt with the toe of her shoe.
he was dressed head to toe in black leathers.
he toed off his shoes and flexed his feet.
she trawled a toe to test the temperature.
on a turn, the inner wheel toes out more.
he was dressed from head to toe in khaki.
I stubbed my toe, swore, and tripped.
he cut his big toe on a sharp stone.
socks that were holed at the toes.
he toes out when he walks.
my big toe.
How to say toe in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)tone
Arabic (NOUN)اصبع القدم, اصبع قدمك, أخمص قدميه, تو, أصابع القدم, اصبع, الاصبع, القدمين, اصبعي
(VERB)أخمص القدمين
Bangla আঙুল
Bosnian (Latin) nožni prst
Bulgarian (VERB)петите
(NOUN)пръст, палеца
Cantonese (Traditional) 腳趾
Catalan (NOUN)puntera, dit, punta
Chinese Simplified 脚趾
Chinese Traditional 腳趾
Croatian (NOUN)nožni prst, nožnom, pokoravati, prst, palac
(VERB)Pete, prsa
Czech (VERB)patě
(NOUN)prst, špičkou, prstu, nohy, palec
Danish (NOUN)tå, tåen
Dutch (NOUN)teen, tenen
Estonian (NOUN)varba, varvas, naftaekvivalent
Fijian qaqalo ni yava
Filipino daliri ng paa
Finnish (NOUN)varvas, öljyekvivalenttitonnia, varpaiden, arviointikohteen, kärki
(VERB)varpaisiin, kantapäähän
French (NOUN)orteil, tep, pincement, coup-de-pied
German (NOUN)Zeh, Zehe, Zehenkappe
Greek (NOUN)ποδιού, δάκτυλο, τιπ, δάχτυλο
(VERB)δάχτυλα, νύχια
Haitian Creole Zotey
Hebrew (NOUN)הבוהן, בוהן, בבוהן, טו, אצבע, האצבע
Hindi (NOUN)पैर, अंगूठे
Hmong Daw ntiv taw xoo
Hungarian (NOUN)lábujj, orr
Icelandic (NOUN)
Indonesian (NOUN)kaki, jari kaki
Italian (NOUN)punta, tep, alluce, dito, piede, convergenza, dita
Japanese (NOUN)つま先, トー, 足指, 止端, 爪先, 趾, トウ, トゥ, 足
Kiswahili kidole
Klingon yaD
Korean (NOUN)발가락, 정면, 발레
Latvian (NOUN)pirksta
Lithuanian (NOUN)tne, pirštas, kojų
Malagasy rantsan-tongony
Malay (Latin) jari kaki
Norwegian Bokmål
Persian (NOUN)پا, انگشت
Polish (NOUN)palców, palec, noski, Paluch
Portuguese (NOUN)dedo, dedão, biqueira, tep
Querétaro Otomi dedo wa
Romanian (NOUN)tep, deget, obiectivului
Russian (NOUN)ног, палец, мыс, носок, тнэ, тое, Тоу, схождения
Samoan tamaivae
Serbian (Cyrillic) прст
Serbian (Latin) prst
Slovak (NOUN)prst, špičkou, prsta, Kaplnka
Slovenian (NOUN)prstov, nogi, prst
Spanish (NOUN)puntera, dedo, dedo gordo, punta, tep, convergencia
Swedish (NOUN)tå, tån, toen
Tahitian maiuu avae
Tamil பெருவிரல்
Telugu కాలి
Thai นิ้วเท้า
Tongan motu'ava'e
Turkish (NOUN)ayak parmağı, ayak, parmak, burun
(VERB)tepeden tırnağa
Ukrainian (NOUN)ніг, носок, носком, пальця, палець, сходження, ноги
Urdu پنجہ
Vietnamese (NOUN)ngón chân
Welsh troedio
Yucatec Maya yaal wook
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