1. consisting of or involving three items or people.
    "a triple murder" ·
    "triple somersaults"
    three-way · tripartite · threefold
    • having three times the usual size, quality, or strength.
      "a triple dark rum"
      three times · three times as much as · treble
  1. three times as much or as many.
    "the copper energy cells had triple the efficiency of silicon cells"
triples (plural noun)
  1. a thing that is three times as large as usual or is made up of three standard units or items.
    "two whiskies—triples, please"
  2. (triples)
    a sporting contest in which each side has three players.
  3. bell-ringing
    a system of change-ringing using seven bells, with three pairs changing places each time.
  4. baseball
    a hit which enables the batter to reach third base.
triples (third person present) · tripled (past tense) · tripled (past participle) · tripling (present participle)
  1. become three times as much or as many.
    "grain prices were expected to triple"
    treble · increase by three
    • multiply by three.
      "the party more than tripled its share of the vote"
  2. baseball
    hit a triple.
    "he tripled into right field"
Middle English (as an adjective and adverb): from Old French, or from Latin triplus, from Greek triplous.
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How to use triple in a sentence?
he will attempt a trifecta of the long jump, triple jump, and 110-meter high hurdles.
every ounce carried counts triple when you're trudging uphill in rarefied air.
the copper energy cells had triple the efficiency of silicon cells.
the party more than tripled its share of the vote.
he's just had a triple bypass operation.
grain prices were expected to triple.
two whiskies—triples, please.
he tripled into right field.
triple somersaults.
a triple dark rum.
a triple murder.
How to say triple in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans trippel
Arabic (ADJECTIVE)الثلاثي, ثلاثية, ثلاثة أضعاف
(NOUN)ثلاثي, تريبل
Bangla তিন গুন
Bosnian (Latin) Trostruki
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)Тройна, двойна, Единична, супериорна, Четворна
(NOUN)троен, Трипъл
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (VERB)triplicar
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (ADJECTIVE)trostruki, trokrevetna
(NOUN)Trokrevetnoj, potrostručiti, trojna
Czech (ADJECTIVE)Třílůžkový, trojité, trojnásobný, ztrojnásobit, třikrát
(NOUN)trojitý, trojplošník, trojný
Danish (ADJECTIVE)tredobbelt, trepersoners
(NOUN)trefoldig, personersværelse
Dutch (ADJECTIVE)drievoudige
(NOUN)Driepersoonskamer, hink
Estonian (ADJECTIVE)Kaheinimesetuba, kolmekordne, Standard, Superior, Double, Classic, Economy, Single
Fijian tolu
Filipino tatlong beses
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)Kolmen hengen, Standard
French (VERB)tripler
German (ADJECTIVE)dreifach, 3-fach, verdreifacht, Tripel
Greek (ADJECTIVE)τριπλό, τρίκλινα
(NOUN)τριπλός, Τρίκλινη
Haitian Creole trip
Hebrew (NOUN)טריפל
(ADJECTIVE)משולש, המשולשת
Hindi (NOUN)ट्रिपल
Hmong Daw peb npaug
Hungarian (ADJECTIVE)háromágyas, hármas, tripla
Icelandic (ADJECTIVE)þrefaldur
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)tiga
(ADVERB)tiga kali lipat
Italian (ADJECTIVE)tripla
Japanese (ADJECTIVE)トリプル, 三重, 三倍, 3倍
Kiswahili mara tatu
Korean (NOUN)트리플
(ADJECTIVE)삼중, 세 겹, 트리플룸
Latvian (ADJECTIVE)trīskāršā
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)trivietis, trigubas, trijų
Malagasy boky mitambatra telo
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)Bertiga
Maltese triplu
Norwegian Bokmål trippel
Persian (NOUN)سه گانه, سه
Polish (ADJECTIVE)potrójny, trzyosobowe, trzykrotnie
(NOUN)Trzyosobowy, potrójna, trójka
Portuguese (ADJECTIVE)triplo
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)triplu
Russian (ADJECTIVE)Трехместный, тройной, втройне, трижды, Одноместный
(NOUN)тройная, Трайпл
Samoan tusitusiga paia fusi tolu
Serbian (Cyrillic) троструко
Slovak (NOUN)trojitý
(ADJECTIVE)trojlôžkové, Dvojlôžková, trojnásobný, trojposteľová, trojaký, troj, Double
Slovenian (ADJECTIVE)trojni, troposteljna, potrojil
(NOUN)trojen, troposteljni
Spanish (VERB)triplicar
Swedish (ADJECTIVE)trippel, tredubbla, trebäddsrum, trefaldig
Tamil மூன்று
Telugu ట్రిపుల్
Tongan folofola 'e tolu
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)üçlü, üç kişilik, üç, üçüz
Ukrainian (ADJECTIVE)тримісний, потрійний, Тріпл
Urdu (ADJECTIVE)ٹرپل
Vietnamese (ADJECTIVE)ba
Welsh (ADJECTIVE)triphlyg, dreblu
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