1. extending or directly below.
    "vast stores of gas under the North Sea" ·
    "the streams that ran under the melting glaciers"
    • below (something covering or protecting).
      "under several feet of water" ·
      "a hot plate under an insulated lid"
      beneath · below · underneath · at the foot/bottom of · flooded by ·
      immersed in · submerged by · sunk in · engulfed by · inundated by · drowned by
      above · over · above
  2. at a lower level than.
    "the room under his study"
    • behind (a physical surface).
      "it was written on the new canvas under a gluey coating"
    • behind or hidden behind (an appearance).
      "he had a deep sense of fun under his quiet exterior"
    • lower in grade or rank than.
      "under him in the hierarchy"
      subordinate to · junior to · inferior to · secondary to ·
      subservient to · reporting to · answerable to · responsible to · subject to · controlled by · at the mercy of · under the heel of
      above · over
  3. lower than (a specified amount, rate, norm, or age).
    "they averaged just under 2.8 per cent"
    less than · lower than · smaller than · not so much as · not as much as ·
    below · shy of
    more than · over
  4. controlled, managed, or governed by.
    "the province is now under martial law" ·
    "I was under his spell"
    • during the rule of.
      "the coinage standard was reformed under Elizabeth I"
    • as a reaction to or undergoing the pressure of (something).
      "the sofa creaked under his weight" ·
      "certain institutions may be under threat"
    • as provided for by the rules of; in accordance with.
      "flowers supplied under contract by a local florist"
    • used to express grouping or classification.
      "file it under ‘lost’" ·
      "published under his own name"
    • computing
      within the environment of (a particular operating system).
      "the program runs under DOS"
  5. undergoing (a process).
    "under construction"
    undergoing · in the process of · receiving
    • in a state of.
      "children living under difficult circumstances"
      subject to · liable to · bound by · controlled by · constrained by ·
      under the control of · at the mercy of
    • planted with.
      "fields under wheat"
  1. extending or directly below something.
    "weaving the body through the crossbars, over and under, over and under"
    down · downward · lower · below · underneath · beneath · underwater ·
    to the bottom
  2. under water.
    "he was floating for some time but suddenly went under"
    down · downward · lower · below · underneath · beneath · underwater ·
    to the bottom
    • affected by an anaesthetic; unconscious.
      "the operation was quick; she was only under for 15 minutes"
Old English, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch onder and German unter.
  1. below; beneath.
    "underclothes" ·
    • lower in status; subordinate.
  2. insufficiently; incompletely.
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the statute was passed to prevent a mischief in respect of which the defendant was already under a duty at common law.
stall upon stall of octopus, eel, tuna, and every other fish under the sea was too much for the veggies of the group.
the Federal Bureau of Investigation rose to prominence under the directorship of J. Edgar Hoover.
several industries are already under investigation after complaints of anticompetitive behaviour.
the bank was the first UK company to auto-enrol its workforce under the government's requirement.
the hazers would dunk us under the water for a short time before allowing us to come up for air.
the company was established in 1912 and is still under the proprietorship of the same family.
wherever he had met them, under whatever conditions, he had outgeneralled and outfought them.
firefighters, backed up by helicopters and planes, fought to bring the flames under control.
entries had to be submitted under a pseudonym to ensure impartiality in the judging process.
aircraft captains are entitled to deny boarding to passengers under the influence of drugs.
people tried to exchange the vouchers under the misapprehension that they were book tokens.
the government's chief scientific adviser proclaimed that the epidemic was under control.
they were all under the control of maistries, who unofficially acted as subcontractors.
the London Stock Exchange is the competent authority under the Financial Services Act.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (PREPOSITION)onder, kragtens, ingevolge
Arabic (PREPOSITION)تحت, بموجب, إطار, قيد, ضمن
Bangla অধীন
Bosnian (Latin) pod
Bulgarian (PREPOSITION)под, съгласно
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (PREPOSITION)sota, virtut
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (PREPOSITION)pod, ispod, mlađe od
Czech (PREPOSITION)pod, rámci, podle
Danish (PREPOSITION)henhold
Dutch (PREPOSITION)onder, krachtens
Estonian (PREPOSITION)all, alusel, jaotises, kohaselt
Fijian ena ruku ni
Filipino sa ilalim ng
Finnish (PREPOSITION)alle, nojalla, mukaisesti
French (PREPOSITION)sous, en vertu
German (PREPOSITION)unter
Greek (PREPOSITION)υπό, βάσει, δυνάμει, κάτω
Haitian Creole anba
Hebrew (PREPOSITION)תחת, מתחת
Hindi (PREPOSITION)तहत, अंतर्गत
Hmong Daw hauv qab
Hungarian (PREPOSITION)alatt, alapján
Icelandic (PREPOSITION)undir, yngri en
Indonesian (PREPOSITION)dibawah, bawah, dalam
Italian (PREPOSITION)sotto
Kiswahili (PREPOSITION)chini
Klingon bal bIngDaq
Korean (PREPOSITION)아래, 밑, 아래의
Latvian (PREPOSITION)saskaņā ar, zem, sadaļā
Lithuanian (PREPOSITION)pagal
Malagasy eo ambanin' ny
Malay (Latin) (PREPOSITION)dibawah, bawah
Maltese (PREPOSITION)taħt, skond
Persian (PREPOSITION)تحت, زیر
Polish (PREPOSITION)pod, ramach, obszarze, mocy, zgodnie
Portuguese (PREPOSITION)sob, debaixo
Querétaro Otomi jár
Romanian (PREPOSITION)sub
Russian (PREPOSITION)под, соответствии, согласно, младше
Samoan i lalo o le
Serbian (Cyrillic) у оквиру
Serbian (Latin) u okviru
Slovak (PREPOSITION)pod, podľa, rámci
Slovenian (PREPOSITION)pod, skladu, okviru, podlagi
Spanish (PREPOSITION)bajo, debajo
Swedish (PREPOSITION)enligt
Tahitian i raro ae i
Tamil (PREPOSITION)செய்யப்பட்டு, கீழ், அடியில்
Telugu కింద
Thai (PREPOSITION)ภายใต้, ต่ำกว่า
Tongan 'i he malumalu 'o
Turkish (PREPOSITION)altında
Ukrainian (PREPOSITION)під, розділі, відповідно
Urdu (PREPOSITION)تحت, زیر
Vietnamese (PREPOSITION)dưới, theo
Yucatec Maya yáanal
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