undergoes (third person present) · underwent (past tense) · undergoing (present participle) · undergone (past participle)
  1. experience or be subjected to (something, typically something unpleasant or arduous).
    "he underwent a life-saving brain operation"
    go through · experience · engage in · undertake · live through · face · encounter · submit to · be subjected to · come in for · receive · sustain · endure · brave · bear · tolerate ·
    stand · withstand · put up with · weather · support · brook · suffer · cope with · thole · wear
Old English undergān ‘undermine’ (see under-, go1).
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How to use undergo in a sentence?
in fungi, unisexual reproduction has been observed in several species that can also undergo traditional bisexual reproduction.
many doctors assume that women who undergo testing would choose to abort.
she followed her doctor's instructions to undergo health checks biweekly.
instruments must undergo high-level disinfection before reuse.
the forms of written languages undergo constant evolution.
he is due to undergo a life-saving operation within weeks.
patients with alarm symptoms should undergo endoscopy.
he underwent a life-saving brain operation.
he had to undergo major surgery.
How to say undergo in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)ondergaan, verniet
Arabic (VERB)الخضوع, يخضع, تخضع, خضعوا, يخضعوا
Bangla একারনেই
Bosnian (Latin) prolaze kroz
Bulgarian (VERB)подложи, претърпи, преминават, подлагат
Cantonese (Traditional) 接受
Catalan (VERB)sotmetre, patir
Chinese Simplified 接受
Chinese Traditional 接受
Croatian (VERB)proći, podvrgnuti, prolaze, prođu
Czech (VERB)podstoupit, podrobit, projít, procházejí, podléhat
Danish (VERB)undergår, gennemgå
Dutch (VERB)ondergaan
Estonian (VERB)läbima
Fijian eso e dau curuma
Filipino sumailalim sa
Finnish (VERB)tehdään
French (VERB)subir
German (VERB)unterziehen, durchlaufen
Greek (VERB)υποστούν, υφίστανται, υποβληθεί, υποβάλλονται
Haitian Creole soufri
Hebrew (VERB)עוברים, לעבור
Hindi (VERB)गुजरना, कराने, करवाना
Hungarian (VERB)alávetni, keresztülmegy, részt, végezni
Icelandic (VERB)gangast, verða
Indonesian (VERB)menjalani, mengalami
Italian (VERB)subire, sottoporsi, si sottopongono
Japanese (VERB)受ける, 経る, 受けなければ, 経なければ, 経
Kiswahili (VERB)kufanyiwa
Korean (VERB)받아야, 겪어야, 거칩니다, 겪는, 겪을, 거쳐야, 받게, 거쳐
Latvian (VERB)iziet, jāiziet, pakļautas, neveikt, izturēt
Lithuanian (VERB)atlikti, praeiti
Malagasy navelan
Malay (Latin) (VERB)menjalani
Maltese (VERB)jgħaddu, jagħmel
Norwegian Bokmål gjennomgå
Persian (VERB)تحت, متحمل
Polish (VERB)poddać, przechodzą, przejść, ulegają, podlegać
(NOUN)poddawane, podlegają
Portuguese (VERB)submeter, sofrer
Querétaro Otomi ar someten da
Romanian (VERB)se supună, suferi, supuse, suporte, efectueze
Russian (VERB)пройти, претерпевают, подвергаются
Samoan oo
Serbian (Cyrillic) проћи кроз
Serbian (Latin) proći kroz
Slovak (VERB)podstúpiť, podrobiť, podliehať, prejsť, absolvovať, prechádzajú
Slovenian (VERB)opravijo, podvrženi, prestati, obdelajo
Spanish (VERB)experimentar, sufrir, someterse, padecer, someten
Swedish (VERB)genomgå, underkastas
Tahitian faaoromai i te mau
Tamil மேற்கொள்ளவும்
Telugu చేయించుకోవడం
Thai ได้รับการ
Tongan foua e ngaahi
Turkish (VERB)geçmesi, geçirmek, meydana, uğra
Ukrainian (VERB)пройти, проходять, зазнавати, піддаються
Urdu گزرنا
Vietnamese (VERB)trải qua
Welsh (VERB)gael
Yucatec Maya ku someten u
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