1. the ability to understand something; comprehension.
    "foreign visitors with little understanding of English"
    comprehension · apprehension · grasp · grip · mastery · perception ·
    discernment · appreciation · interpretation · cognizance · ken · conception · digestion · assimilation · absorption · knowledge · awareness · consciousness · insight into · familiarity with · acquaintance with · skill in · expertise in · proficiency in · know-how
  2. sympathetic awareness or tolerance.
    "he wrote with understanding and affection of the people of Dent"
  3. an informal or unspoken agreement or arrangement.
    "he and I have an understanding" ·
    "he had only been allowed to come on the understanding that he would be on his best behaviour"
    agreement · gentleman's agreement · arrangement · deal · bargain ·
  1. sympathetically aware of other people's feelings; tolerant and forgiving.
    "a kind and understanding man" ·
    "people expect their doctor to be understanding"
  2. archaic
    having insight or good judgement.
understands (third person present) · understood (past tense) · understood (past participle) · understanding (present participle)
  1. perceive the intended meaning of (words, a language, or a speaker).
    "he didn't understand a word I said" ·
    "he could usually make himself understood" · "she understood what he was saying"
  2. interpret or view (something) in a particular way.
    "as the term is usually understood, legislation refers to regulations and directives"
    • infer something from information received (often used as a polite formula in conversation).
      "I understand you're at art school" ·
      "as I understood it, she was flying back to the States tomorrow"
    • regard (a missing word, phrase, or idea) as present.
      "‘present company excepted’ is always understood when sweeping generalizations are being made"
    • assume to be the case; take for granted.
      "he liked to play the field, that was understood"
      believe · be led to believe · be given to understand · think ·
      conclude · come to the conclusion · deduce · infer · draw the inference · assume · surmise · fancy · gather · take it · hear · hear tell · be informed · notice · see · learn · discover
  3. be sympathetically or knowledgeably aware of the character or nature of.
    "Picasso understood colour" ·
    "I understand how you feel"
    appreciate · recognize · realize · acknowledge · know · be aware of ·
    be conscious of · be cognizant of · accept · commiserate with · feel compassionate towards · sympathize with · empathize with · take on board · be wise to
Old English understandan (see under-, stand).
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How to use understanding in a sentence?
fashioning a policy appropriate to the situation entails understanding the forces that led up to it.
understanding the microbiome—human, animal, and environmental—is as important as the human genome.
the nurse talked to me in a patois that even Italians would have had difficulty in understanding.
he had only been allowed to come on the understanding that he would be on his best behaviour.
it will take a concerted effort from many to lay off the sneering—and try understanding.
the interregnum between the discovery of radioactivity and its detailed understanding.
the major contribution of social scientists to the understanding of political life.
the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding on economic cooperation.
books of casuistry, which sophisticate the understanding and defile the heart.
his understanding of what constitutes good writing is way off target.
she's a muggle: no IT background, understanding, or aptitude at all.
people's understanding and subsequent recall of stories or events.
he wrote with understanding and affection of the people of Dent.
there are many gaps in our understanding of what happened.
the vagueness of terms does nothing to aid understanding.
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How to say understanding in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)begrip, verstandhouding
Arabic (NOUN)التفاهم, فهم, تفاهم, الفهم, التفهم, تفهم, تفهما, تفهمها, فهمها, هما, أساس
Bangla উপলব্ধি
Bosnian (Latin) razumijevanje
Bulgarian (NOUN)разбиране, схващане, договореност, познания
(VERB)запознаване, разбере, разбират
Cantonese (Traditional) 理解
Catalan (NOUN)comprensió, enteniment, entesa, coneixement
(VERB)entendre, comprendre
Chinese Simplified 理解
Chinese Traditional 理解
Croatian (NOUN)razumijevanje, shvaćanje, sporazum
(VERB)objašnjenje, razumjeti
Czech (NOUN)porozumění, pochopení, chápání, znalosti, ujednání
(VERB)principy, vysvětlení, pochopit, znalost, porozumět
Danish (NOUN)forståelse, opfattelse, indsigt
Dutch (NOUN)begrip, inzicht, verstandhouding, overeenstemming, kennis, opvatting
Estonian (VERB)mõistmine, olemus
(NOUN)mõistmist, arusaam, teadmised
Fijian kila ka
Filipino pag-unawa
Finnish (NOUN)ymmärrystä, käsitys, yhteisymmärryksen, tietämystä
French (NOUN)compréhension, entente, arrangement, connaissance, accord
(VERB)comprendre, présentation
German (NOUN)Verständnis, Kenntnisse
(VERB)verstehen, grundlegendes
Greek (NOUN)κατανόηση, αντίληψη, μνημόνιο συμφωνίας, καταλαβαίνουν, συνεννόηση
(VERB)καταλαβαίνοντας, κατανοώντας
Haitian Creole konpweyansyon
Hebrew (NOUN)הבנה, ההבנה, להבנה, והבנה, בהבנה
(VERB)הבנת, הכרת, להבין
Hindi (NOUN)समझ, समझौता
Hmong Daw to taub
Hungarian (NOUN)megértés, egyetértés, megegyezés, értelmezését, értik, ismereteket, felfogás
(VERB)ismertetése, megérteni, tudnivalók
Icelandic (VERB)skilningur
Indonesian (NOUN)pemahaman, pengertian
(VERB)memahami, mengerti
Italian (NOUN)comprensione, intesa, Concetti relativi, conoscenza
(VERB)comprendere, capire, capendo
Japanese (NOUN)理解, 把握
Kiswahili (NOUN)uelewa, ufahamu, akili, kufahamu
Klingon vumnIS yabraj
Korean (NOUN)이해, 이해와, 이해가, 이해할
Latvian (NOUN)izpratni, sapratni, būtība, vienošanās
(VERB)izprast, saprast, saprotot
Lithuanian (NOUN)supratimą, suvokti
Malagasy fahatakarana
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)pemahaman, kefahaman
Maltese (NOUN)fehim, ftehim, komprensjoni, fehma, intiża, jifhem, għarfien
Norwegian Bokmål forståelse
Persian (NOUN)درک, فهم, تفاهم
(VERB)شناخت, آشنایی
Polish (NOUN)zrozumienia, rozumienie, ustaleń, zgoda, wiedzę, uzgodnienia
(VERB)zrozumieniu, opis, rozumiejąc
Portuguese (NOUN)compreensão, entendimento, conhecimento, acordo
(VERB)compreender, noções básicas sobre, entender
Querétaro Otomi da 'yo̲de
Romanian (NOUN)înţelegere
Russian (NOUN)понимание, взаимопонимания, вникание, том понимании, договоренностью, представление
(VERB)Общие сведения о, понимая
Samoan malamalama
Serbian (Cyrillic) разумевање
Serbian (Latin) razumevanje
Slovak (NOUN)pochopenie, porozumenie, chápanie, znalosti, vedomosti, predstavu, poznania
(VERB)pochopiť, princípy, vysvetlenie
Slovenian (NOUN)razumevanje, dogovor, soglasju
Spanish (NOUN)comprensión, entendimiento
(VERB)entender, comprender
Swedish (NOUN)förståelse, överenskommelse, uppfattning, insikt, kunskap, samförstånd
Tahitian maramarama
Tamil புரிதல்
Telugu అవగాహన
Thai (VERB)เข้าใจ, ศึกษา
Tongan mahino
Turkish (NOUN)anlayış, basiret, kavrama
Ukrainian (NOUN)розуміння, уявлення, зрозуміти
Urdu (NOUN)تفہیم, فہم, سمجھ
Vietnamese (NOUN)hiểu biết
Welsh (NOUN)dealltwriaeth, ddeall
Yucatec Maya comprensión
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