1. having already been used.
    "scrawling on the back of a used envelope"
  2. second-hand.
    "a used car"
    unused · new
uses (third person present) · used (past tense) · used (past participle) · using (present participle)
  1. take, hold, or deploy (something) as a means of accomplishing or achieving something; employ.
    "she used her key to open the front door" ·
    "the poem uses simple language"
    utilize · make use of · avail oneself of · employ · work · operate · wield ·
    ply · apply · manoeuvre · manipulate · put to use · put into service · find a use for · resort to · exercise · employ · apply · exert · bring into play · practise · implement · draw on
    • treat (someone) in a particular way.
      "use your troops well and they will not let you down"
      manage · handle · treat · behave towards · act towards ·
      conduct oneself towards · deal with
    • exploit (a person or situation) for one's own advantage.
      "I couldn't help feeling that she was using me"
      take advantage of · exploit · make use of · manipulate ·
      take liberties with · capitalize on · profit from · trade on · milk · impose on · abuse · misuse · mistreat · maltreat · treat lightly · trifle with · play with · cash in on · bleed · walk all over · play someone for a sucker
    • apply (a name or title) to oneself.
      "she still used her maiden name professionally"
    • take (an illegal drug).
      "they were using heroin daily" ·
      "had she been using again?"
  2. take or consume (an amount) from a limited supply.
    "we have used all the available funds"
    consume · get through · go through · exhaust · deplete · expend · spend ·
    waste · fritter away · squander · dissipate
  3. (used to)
    describing an action or situation that was done repeatedly or existed for a period in the past.
    "this road used to be a dirt track" ·
    "I used to give him lifts home"
  4. (be/get used to)
    be or become familiar with (someone or something) through experience.
    "she was used to getting what she wanted" ·
    "he's weird, but you just have to get used to him"
  5. informal
    (one could use)
    one would like or benefit from.
    "I could use another cup of coffee"
  1. the action of using something or the state of being used for a purpose.
    "hyper-modern trains are now in use" ·
    "theatre owners were charging too much for the use of their venues" · "the software is ideal for use in schools"
  2. the value or advantage of something.
    "it was no use trying to persuade her" ·
    "what's the use of crying?"
    usefulness · advantage · benefit · service · utility · help · good · gain ·
    avail · profit · value · worth · point · object · motive · aim · goal · purpose · sense · reason
    • law
      the benefit or profit of lands, especially lands that are in the possession of another who holds them solely for the beneficiary.
  3. the habitual consumption of a drug.
    "burgling and dealing financed their heroin use"
  4. the characteristic ritual and liturgy of a Christian Church or diocese.
Middle English: the noun from Old French us, from Latin usus, from uti ‘to use’ ; the verb from Old French user, based on Latin uti.
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I asked Quiroz about his mother and the santos she used to sell - saints that could cure illness or a broken heart.
daily tidal times, used in conjunction with solunar tables, forecast feeding times of fish and game for sportsmen.
while they can be useful, these sorts of standards are sometimes used quite cynically—as corporate greenwash.
to ensure greater response and surer handling, the engineers used electronic sensors to monitor each wheel.
the special stamp should be placed on the left-hand side and not be used to obliterate the postage stamp.
the hashtag #riotcleanup is being used by community members to coordinate some post-riot street-cleaning.
the Eysenck personality inventory is frequently used to assess the personalities of psychiatric patients.
he used to go on holiday when the band were due to appear on TV (Mac would get a real cob on about it).
granted that officers were used to making decisions, they still couldn't be expected to understand.
roads to be used by the PM's carcade were cordoned off and placed in the restricted area category.
the products are used mostly by aircraft manufacturers for noise attenuation in engine housings.
both parties create authorship, and to make this clear I have always used joint accreditations.
the grade of steel was unsuitable for the type of heat treatment used to case-harden the gears.
he ought to find out who used his name, mocked his voice, and aped a few of his guitar lines.
the trolley used a counterbalance and leverage action to reduce the effort of lifting loads.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)gebruik, gewoond
Arabic (VERB)المستخدمة, تستخدم, استخدام, يستخدم, استعملت, اعتاد, مستخدمة, يستعمل, الاستخدام
Bangla ব্যবহার করা
Bosnian (Latin) koristi
Bulgarian (VERB)използва, употребявани, свикнали, ползва
Cantonese (Traditional) 使用
Catalan (VERB)utilitzat, usat, acostumat, emprat, usats, usada, fan servir, usa, servir, fer servir, usar
Chinese Simplified 使用
Chinese Traditional 使用
Croatian (VERB)koristi, iskorišten, navikao, upotrijebiti, rabljeni, primjenjuje
Czech (VERB)používá, slouží, opotřebovaný, užívané, využít, zvyklý
Danish (VERB)brugt, anvendes, bruges, plejede, benyttes, vant
Dutch (VERB)gebruikt, tweedehands, vroeger, toegepast, waarmee
Estonian (VERB)kasutada, mida kasutatakse, varem
Fijian vakayagataki
Filipino ginamit
Finnish (VERB)käytetty, käyttää, jota käytetään, oli tapana, käytössä
French (VERB)utilisé, employé, habitude, servi, usagé, occasion, permet
German (VERB)verwendet, benutzt, genutzt, eingesetzt, gebraucht, früher, angewendet, dient
Greek (VERB)χρησιμοποιείται, μεταχειρισμένος, συνήθιζα
Haitian Creole itilize
Hebrew (VERB)המשמש, בשימוש, נעשה שימוש, השתמשו, משמש, להשתמש, נהג, רגיל, רגילה, שימוש
Hindi (VERB)इस्तेमाल, प्रयुक्त, उपयोग, प्रयोग, आदत, थे, किया, करता
Hmong Daw siv
Hungarian (VERB)használt, alkalmazott, felhasználni
Icelandic (VERB)notað, notuð, nota, notkun
Indonesian (VERB)digunakan, dipakai, menggunakan, dipergunakan, bekas, gunakan
Italian (VERB)utilizzato, usato, usati, usata, usate, abituati, impiegato, usare
Japanese (VERB)使用, 使われる, 使わ, 中古, 使う, 用い, 用いる, 利用, 使っ
Kiswahili (VERB)kutumika, inayotumiwa, alitumia, iliyotumika, hutumiwa, inatumika
Klingon waH
Korean (VERB)사용, 이용
Latvian (VERB)izmantot, lietot, jāizmanto
Lithuanian (VERB)naudojamas, vartojamas, panaudoti, taikomas
Malagasy ampiasaina
Malay (Latin) (VERB)digunakan, menggunakan, terpakai, gunakan
Maltese (VERB)użati, użat, wżati, użata, wżat, wżata, jintużaw, tintuża
Norwegian Bokmål brukt
Persian (VERB)استفاده, مورد استفاده قرار گیرد, رفته
Polish (VERB)używane, wykorzystywane, stosowane, użyte, użyty, użyta, służy, zastosować, użyć
Portuguese (VERB)usado, utilizado, usada, usou, usei, acostumado, usaram, habituado, costumava, usava
Querétaro Otomi Gi japu̲'be̲fi
Romanian (VERB)folosit, utilizate, obişnuieşti
Russian (VERB)используется, подержанные, применяется, пользовались, раньше
Samoan faaaogaina
Serbian (Cyrillic) користи
Serbian (Latin) koristi
Slovak (VERB)používa, slúži, využiť, nepoužívajú
Slovenian (VERB)uporablja, rabil, porabljena, včasih
Spanish (VERB)utilizado, usado, acostumbrado, empleado, utilizarse, sirve
Swedish (VERB)används, begagnade, brukat, van
Tahitian faaohipa i te
Tamil (VERB)பயன்படுத்த, உபயோகித்த, உபயோகிக்க
Telugu ఉపయోగిస్తారు
Thai (VERB)ใช้
Tongan faka'aonga'i
Turkish (VERB)kullanılan, ikinci el, alışık, eski
Ukrainian (VERB)використовується, застосовуються, користувалися, раніше
Urdu (VERB)استعمال, مستعمل, استمعال, تھے
Vietnamese (VERB)sử dụng, dùng, từng
Welsh (VERB)defnyddio, ddefnyddir, arfer
Yucatec Maya meyajtiko'ob
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