variations (plural noun)
  1. a change or slight difference in condition, amount, or level, typically within certain limits.
    "regional variations in house prices" ·
    "the figures showed marked variation from year to year"
    • astronomy
      a deviation of a celestial body from its mean orbit or motion.
    • mathematics
      a change in the value of a function due to small changes in the values of its argument or arguments.
    • the angular difference between true north and magnetic north at a particular place.
    • biology
      the occurrence of an organism in more than one distinct colour or form.
  2. a different or distinct form or version of something.
    "hurling is an Irish variation of hockey"
    variant · form · alternative · alternative form · other form · different form ·
    derived form · development · adaptation · alteration · modification · revision · revised version
    standard form
    • music
      a version of a theme, modified in melody, rhythm, harmony, or ornamentation, so as to present it in a new but still recognizable form.
      "Elgar's Enigma Variations"
    • ballet
      a solo dance as part of a performance.
      "he makes the preparation for his variation with utmost care and accuracy"
late Middle English (denoting variance or conflict): from Old French, or from Latin variatio(n-), from the verb variare ( see vary).
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How to use variation in a sentence?
EU legislation allowed variation around the nominal weight (that printed on each packet).
mutation is, ultimately, the only way in which new variation enters the species.
although we never shot dice, my friends and I played every variation of poker.
there is considerable species variation in the stomach's response to alcohol.
he makes the preparation for his variation with utmost care and accuracy.
the fourth variation, which is to be played furioso, is especially good.
a random variation superposed on a relatively constant overall pattern.
in the second variation, a switch loop, only one cable enters the box.
effects of variation in temperature were assessed quantitatively.
studies of genetic variation of morphological traits in mammals.
the figures showed marked variation from year to year.
the variation in the strength of the field.
hurling is an Irish variation of hockey.
the variation of replicate measurements.
regional variations in house prices.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)variasie, afwisseling
Arabic (NOUN)التباين, تباين, الاختلاف, اختلاف, التغير, التفاوت, تفاوت, تنوع, التنوع
Bangla পরিবর্তন
Bosnian (Latin) varijacije
Bulgarian (NOUN)вариант, изменение, отклонение, различия, промяна, вариране, променливост
Cantonese (Traditional) 變化
Catalan (NOUN)variació
Chinese Simplified 变化
Chinese Traditional 變化
Croatian (NOUN)varijacija, odstupanje
Czech (NOUN)variace, odchylky, změnu, kolísání, obměna, proměnlivosti, rozdíly, změnou
Danish (NOUN)afveksling, afvigelsen, ændring, udsving
Dutch (NOUN)variatie, afwijking
Estonian (NOUN)variatsioon, muudatuse, kõikumine, muutus, erinevusi
Fijian duidui
Filipino pagkakaiba-iba
Finnish (NOUN)vaihtelua, variaatio, muunnelma, muutos, hajonta, eroja
French (NOUN)déclinaison, écart
German (NOUN)Veränderung, Abweichung, Abwandlung, Schwankungen, Abwechslung, Unterschiede
Greek (NOUN)παραλλαγή, διακύμανση, μεταβολή, αυξομείωση, απόκλιση
Haitian Creole varyasyon
Hebrew (NOUN)וריאציה, הווריאציה, כווריאציית
Hindi (NOUN)भिन्नता, रूपांतर, विभिन्नता, बदलाव, भिन्नरूप, परिवर्तन
Hungarian (NOUN)variáció, változat, eltérés, módosítás, szórás
Icelandic (NOUN)tilbrigði, breytileiki
Indonesian (NOUN)variasi
Italian (NOUN)variazione, divergenza
Japanese (NOUN)バリエーション, 変動, 変化, ばらつき, バラツキ, 変異, 偏差
Kiswahili (NOUN)tofauti
Klingon tuq qun
Korean (NOUN)변형, 변이, 유사 콘텐츠를, 유사, 변화, 편차, 변동
Latvian (NOUN)varianta, svārstības, novirzes, atšķirības, dažādību, mainīšanai
Lithuanian (NOUN)variacijos, kitimo, keitimu, svyravimai, pokytis, pakeitimo
Malagasy fiovaovana
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)variasi, pengubahan, kepelbagaian, kelainan, perubahan
Maltese (NOUN)varjazzjoni
Norwegian Bokmål variasjon
Persian (NOUN)تنوع, تغییرات, پراکندگی, تغييرات, اختلاف
Polish (NOUN)zmienności, odmiana, zróżnicowanie, zmiany, wariant, gwiezdny, różnice, odchylenia, rozrzutu
Portuguese (NOUN)variação
Querétaro Otomi variación
Romanian (NOUN)variaţie, modificare
Russian (NOUN)вариации, различия, колебания, отклонения, расхождения
Samoan suiga
Serbian (Cyrillic) варијација
Serbian (Latin) varijacija
Slovak (NOUN)variácie, kolísanie, zmena, odchýlka, zmenu, rozdiely, výkyvy, zmene
Slovenian (NOUN)variacije, spremembe, razlike, menjavanje, odstopanje, nihanje
Spanish (NOUN)variación, divergencia, declinación
Swedish (NOUN)ändring
Tahitian duidui
Tamil மாறுபாடு
Telugu వైవిధ్యం
Thai การเปลี่ยนแปลง
Tongan toe feliliuaki
Turkish (NOUN)varyasyon, çeşitleme, değişim, türevi, farklılık
Ukrainian (NOUN)варіації, зміна, зміни, мінливість, зміною, відхилення, зміну
Urdu فرق
Vietnamese (NOUN)biến
Welsh (NOUN)amrywiad, gwahaniaeth
Yucatec Maya variación
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