veins (plural noun)
  1. any of the tubes forming part of the blood circulation system of the body, carrying in most cases oxygen-depleted blood towards the heart.Compare with artery.
    • (in general use) a blood vessel.
      "he felt the adrenaline course through his veins"
      duct · tube · channel · passage · pipe · artery · vein · vas ·
    • (in plants) a slender rib running through a leaf or bract, typically dividing or branching, and containing a vascular bundle.
    • (in insects) a hardened branching rib that forms part of the supporting framework of a wing, consisting of an extension of the tracheal system; a nervure.
  2. a fracture in rock containing a deposit of minerals or ore and typically having an extensive course underground.
    "gold-bearing quartz veins"
  3. a distinctive quality, style, or tendency.
    "he closes his article in a somewhat humorous vein"
    mood · humour · temper · temperament · disposition · frame of mind ·
    state of mind · attitude · inclination · tendency · tenor · tone · key · spirit · character · stamp · feel · feeling · flavour · quality · atmosphere · manner · way · style
Middle English: from Old French veine, from Latin vena. The earliest senses were ‘blood vessel’ and ‘small natural underground channel of water’.
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How to use vein in a sentence?
the majority of leg ulcer patients are elderly with simple superficial vein reflux.
he managed to tap into the thick vein of discontent to his own advantage.
the mine workings follow the strike of the Bonsor vein.
how do they manage to mine such a rich vein of talent?.
the graft is anastomosed to the vein of the recipient.
drilling has shown a large, low-grade sheeted vein.
he closes his article in a somewhat humorous vein.
he felt the adrenaline course through his veins.
United have hit a rich vein of form.
gold-bearing quartz veins.
a throbbing vein.
How to say vein in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)wyn, aar, vena
Arabic (NOUN)الوريد, وريد, المنطلق, المنوال, السياق, عرق, العرق
Bangla ধমনী
Bosnian (Latin) vena
Bulgarian (NOUN)вена, вената, венозна, вени, дух, духа
Cantonese (Traditional) 靜脈
Catalan (NOUN)vena, venosa
Chinese Simplified 静脉
Chinese Traditional 靜脈
Croatian (NOUN)vena, venu, venske, vene, tonu, duhu, žila, smislu
Czech (NOUN)žíly, duchu
Danish (NOUN)vene, venen, blodåre, åre, ånd
Dutch (NOUN)ader, veneuze
Estonian (NOUN)veeni, joones
Fijian vakasama
Filipino ugat
Finnish (NOUN)suoneen, laskimoon, hengessä, tapaan, linjalla
French (NOUN)veine, filon, nervure
German (NOUN)Vene, Ader, Adern
Greek (NOUN)φλέβα, φλεβών, πνεύμα
Haitian Creole venn san fonse
Hebrew (NOUN)וריד, הווריד
Hindi (NOUN)नस, शिरा
Hmong Daw hlab ntsha
Hungarian (NOUN)véna, vénába, vénát, szellemben, vénás, beadni
Icelandic (NOUN)æð, bláæð
Indonesian (NOUN)vena, urat
Italian (NOUN)vena, filone, venosa, ottica, vene
Japanese (NOUN)静脈, 鉱脈, 脈, 調子, 静脈内
Kiswahili (NOUN)mshipa
Klingon 'aD
Korean (NOUN)정맥, 맥락, 혈관, 베인
Latvian (NOUN)vēnā, vēnu, vēnas, asinsvadu, garā, vīns
Lithuanian (NOUN)veną, venų, venos, dvasia
Malagasy naneho
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)urat
Maltese vina
Norwegian Bokmål vene
Persian (NOUN)ورید
Polish (NOUN)żyły, żyłę, żyła, duchu, żyle, żył
Portuguese (NOUN)veia, filão
Querétaro Otomi ya ar vena
Romanian (NOUN)venă, venoasă, venei, ordine, vene
Russian (NOUN)вены, ключе, духе, жила, русле
Samoan alatoto
Serbian (Cyrillic) вена
Serbian (Latin) vena
Slovak (NOUN)žily, duchu
Slovenian (NOUN)veno, vene, vensko, žilo, veni
Spanish (NOUN)vena, veta, venosa, filón
Swedish (NOUN)ven, åder, venen, anda
Tahitian ganitong
Tamil நாள
Telugu పంథాలో
Thai หลอดเลือดดำ
Tongan founga
Turkish (NOUN)ven, damar, toplardamar
Ukrainian (NOUN)вени, вену, вен, ключі
Urdu رگ
Vietnamese (NOUN)tĩnh mạch, vân, mạch
Welsh (NOUN)gwythiennau, wythïen, cywair, perwyl, trywydd, drywydd
Yucatec Maya ti' le vena
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