[wɒz, wəz]
  1. first and third person singular past of be.
is (third person present) · are (third person present) · am (third person present) · was (past tense) · were (past tense) · being (present participle) · been (past participle)
  1. (there is/are)
    "there are no easy answers" ·
    "there once was a man" · "there must be something wrong" · "I think, therefore I am"
    exist · have being · have existence · live · be alive · have life · breathe ·
    draw breath · be extant · be viable
    • be present.
      "there were no curtains around the showers" ·
      "are there any castles in this area?"
      be present · be around · be available · be near · be nearby ·
      be at hand
  2. occur; take place.
    "the exhibition will be in November" ·
    "the opening event is on October 16" · "that was before the war"
    occur · happen · take place · come about · arise · crop up · transpire ·
    • occupy a position in space.
      "Salvation Street was on his left" ·
      "she was not at the window"
      be situated · be located · be found · be present · be set ·
      be positioned · be placed · be installed
    • stay in the same place or condition.
      "he's a tough customer—let him be"
      remain · stay · wait · linger · hold on · hang on · last · continue ·
    • attend.
      "I'm at school doing A levels"
      attend · go to · be present · take part · frequent · haunt ·
    • come; go; visit.
      "he's from Missouri" ·
      "I have just been to Thailand" · "the doctor's been twice today"
  3. having the state, quality, identity, nature, role, etc., specified.
    "Amy was 91" ·
    "the floor was uneven" · "I want to be a teacher" · "father was not well" · "it will be Christmas soon" · "‘Be careful,’ Mr Carter said"
    • cost.
      "the tickets were £25"
      cost · be priced at · sell for · be valued at · fetch · come to ·
      set one back · go for
    • amount to.
      "one and one is two"
      amount to · come to · add up to · run to · number · make · total ·
      equal · be equal to · be equivalent to · comprise · represent · tot up to
    • represent.
      "let A be a square matrix of order n"
    • signify.
      "we were everything to each other"
    • consist of; constitute.
      "the monastery was several three-storey buildings"
      be equivalent to · be the equivalent of · be · embody ·
      be tantamount to · be regarded as · act as · serve as
  4. informal
    "last time I saw her she was all ‘You need to quit smoking!’"
is (third person present) · are (third person present) · am (third person present) · was (past tense) · were (past tense) · being (present participle) · been (past participle)
  1. used with a present participle to form continuous tenses.
    "they are coming" ·
    "he had been reading" · "she will be waiting"
  2. used with a past participle to form the passive voice.
    "it was done" ·
    "it is said" · "his book will be published"
  3. used to indicate something that is due or destined to happen.
    "construction is to begin next summer" ·
    "his mum was never to see him win"
    • used to express obligation or necessity.
      "you are to follow these orders" ·
      "they said I was to remain on board"
    • used to express possibility.
      "these snakes are to be found in North America" ·
      "she was nowhere to be seen"
    • used to hypothesize about something that might happen.
      "if I were to lose" ·
      "if I was to tell you, you'd think I was mad"
  4. archaic
    used with the past participle of intransitive verbs to form perfect tenses.
    "I am returned"
Old English bēon, an irregular and defective verb, whose full conjugation derives from several originally distinct verbs. The forms am and is are from an Indo-European root shared by Latin sum and est. The forms was and were are from an Indo-European root meaning ‘remain’. The forms be and been are from an Indo-European root shared by Latin fui ‘I was’, fio ‘I become’, and Greek phuein ‘bring forth, cause to grow’. The origin of are is uncertain.
  1. (forming verbs) all over; all round.
    • (forming verbs) thoroughly; excessively.
  2. (added to intransitive verbs) expressing transitive action.
  3. (added to adjectives and nouns) expressing transitive action.
    "befool" ·
  4. (added to nouns) affect with.
    • (added to adjectives) cause to be.
  5. (forming adjectives ending in -ed) having; covered with.
Old English, weak form of bī ‘by’.
  1. the chemical element beryllium.
  1. Bachelor of Education.
    come from · be from · be a native of · have been born in · originate in ·
    have one's roots in · be … (by birth) · live in · have one's home in · inhabit · be an inhabitant of · be settled in · reside in · be a resident of
  2. Bachelor of Engineering.
  3. bill of exchange.
Was (plural noun)
  1. a member of a hill people living on the borders of China and Burma (Myanmar).
  2. the language of the Wa, belonging to the Mon-Khmer family.
  1. relating to or denoting the Wa or their language.
  1. Washington (State) (in official postal use).
  2. Western Australia.
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a series of strata with five Early Pleistocene interglacial deposits representing the period from the Tiglian to the Menapian was investigated.
the fact that a storm may show up the poor condition of a flat roof does not signify that storm was the proximate cause of damage to it.
he was encouraged by friends to cross-train, further building his endurance through low-impact activities such as swimming and cycling.
Jennifer Lopez was a presenter at the Hollywood Film Awards last night and had the honor of presenting the award for ‘Best Animation’.
any such notice shall be considered to have been given within fourteen days after it was mailed in the manner hereinbefore provided.
this swift canonization indicates the extent to which critics felt that the film was a revolutionary work in the history of cinema.
as the Supreme Court had already held that the court order was just and proper, all the appeals against it had become infructuous.
an entirely unphysical process of waves was generated at the pond's periphery which subsequently converged to the central point.
the resolution declared that the independent Republic of Latvia proclaimed on November 18, 1918 was still in existence de jure.
the grey wolf is a highly mobile and adaptable carnivore that up to few centuries ago was widespread throughout the Holarctic.
there was increasing friction between Russia and Germany concerning their respective spheres of influence in eastern Europe.
the move follows complaints about out-of-control skaters, including one incident last week when a shopper was shirtfronted.
we never did manage to bag any major roles in the nativity play—it was always the blue-eyed blondies who played the angels.
the planet was some 3 degrees to 5 degrees C (5 degrees to 9 degrees F) warmer during the Eemian period than it is today.
the heap was normally printed as white paper in the morning, turned at the midday break, and perfected in the afternoon.
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How to say was in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (VERB)is, kon, het
Arabic (VERB)كان, كانت, تم, كنت, هو, قد, هي
Bangla ছিল
Bosnian (Latin) je
Bulgarian (VERB)беше, е, бе, бях, бил
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (VERB)va ser, era, estava, fou, va, es, havia, tenia, s
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (VERB)bio, je, bila
Czech (VERB)byl, byla, bylo, nebyl, měl, byly
Danish (VERB)var, blev
Dutch (VERB)werd, is, watertje, stond
Estonian (VERB)tehti, oli, võeti
Fijian a
Filipino ay
Finnish (VERB)oli, tehtiin, tehty, on, otettiin
French (VERB)était, a, faisait, s'agissait, ont été
German (VERB)war, wurde, gab, hatte
Greek (VERB)ήταν, είχε, αποτέλεσε, υπήρξε, έγινε
Haitian Creole li te genyen
Hebrew (VERB)היה, הייתה, היתה, הייתי, שהיה, היו
Hindi (VERB)था, किया गया, गया, गई थी, गई, हुआ
Hmong Daw yog
Hungarian (VERB)volt, került, lett, ben
Icelandic (VERB)var, væri, hafi, voru
Indonesian (VERB)adalah, dibuat, sedang, telah, itu, berada, sudah, ini
Italian (VERB)era, stato, è stata modificata, fu, stata, stava, fosse, ero, venne, è, erano
Japanese (VERB)だった, でした, あった, た, いた, された, されました, した
Kiswahili (VERB)alikuwa, ni, mara
Klingon ghaH
Korean (VERB)되었다, 이었다, 했다, 있었다, 됐다, 했습니다, 었, 있던, 된, 은
Latvian (VERB)bija, tika, biju, ir, nebija
Lithuanian (VERB)buvo, buvau
Malagasy dia
Malay (Latin) (VERB)adalah, ialah, telah
Maltese (VERB)kien, ġie, ġiet, iet
Norwegian Bokmål var
Persian (VERB)بود, شد, گرفت, داشت
Polish (VERB)był, został, było, była, by³, miał, były
Portuguese (VERB)foi, era, estava, fosse, tinha, estivesse, fui, esteve, ficou, sido
Querétaro Otomi ma
Romanian (VERB)fost, era, s, sa
Russian (VERB)был, находился, стало, состояла, является
Samoan Sa
Serbian (Cyrillic) је био
Serbian (Latin) je bio
Slovak (VERB)bola, bol, bolo
Slovenian (VERB)bil, je, blo
Spanish (VERB)fue, estaba, se, tenía, había, iba
Swedish (VERB)var, blev, togs, fanns, har, fick, hade
Tahitian Ua
Tamil இருந்தது
Telugu మార్పు
Thai (VERB)ถูก, คือ, ก็, เป็น
Tongan Na'e
Turkish (VERB)oldu, -ydi, -ydı, -di, -yordu, idi, eseriydi, edildi, -ydu, -mıştı, vardı
Ukrainian (VERB)був, була, було, були
Urdu (VERB)تھا, تھی, گیا, گئی, ہوا, گئی تھی, ہوئی, تھے, گئى, رہا
Vietnamese (VERB)đã, được, là
Welsh (VERB)oedd, roedd, oeddwn, yn, ei, cafodd, fe
Yucatec Maya bin
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