welcomes (plural noun)
  1. an instance or manner of greeting someone.
    "you will receive a warm welcome" ·
    "he went to meet them with his hand stretched out in welcome"
    greeting · salutation · hail · welcoming · reception · warm reception ·
    favourable reception · acceptance · hospitality · red carpet · fáilte
    • a pleased or approving reaction.
      "the announcement received an immediate welcome from childcare agencies"
  1. used to greet someone in a polite or friendly way.
    "welcome to the Wildlife Park"
welcomes (third person present) · welcomed (past tense) · welcomed (past participle) · welcoming (present participle)
  1. greet (someone arriving) in a polite or friendly way.
    "hotels should welcome guests in their own language"
    greet · say hello to · salute · bid someone welcome ·
    play host/hostess to · show hospitality to · receive · meet · embrace · receive with open arms · roll out the red carpet for · fete · usher in
    shun · spurn
    • be glad to entertain (someone) or receive (something).
      "we welcome any comments"
    • react with pleasure or approval to (an event or development).
      "the bank's decision to cut its rates was widely welcomed"
      express pleasure/satisfaction at · be pleased by · be glad about ·
      take pleasure in · approve of · appreciate · accept · embrace · give the thumbs up to
      reject · disapprove of
  1. (of a guest or new arrival) gladly received.
    "I'm pleased to see you, lad—you're welcome"
    gladly received · wanted · appreciated · popular · desirable ·
  2. very pleasing because much needed or desired.
    "after your walk, the tea room serves a welcome cuppa" ·
    "the news will be most welcome to those whose jobs will now be safeguarded"
  3. allowed or invited to do a specified thing.
    "we arrange a framework of activities which you are welcome to join"
    • (welcome to)
      used to indicate relief at relinquishing the control or possession of something to someone else.
      "the job is all yours and you're welcome to it!"
Old English wilcuma ‘a person whose coming is pleasing’, wilcumian (verb), from wil- ‘desire, pleasure’ + cuman ‘come’. The first element was later changed to wel- ‘well’, influenced by Old French bien venu or Old Norse velkominn.
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welcome to the age of bioprinting, where the machines we've built are building bits and pieces of us.
you are welcome to respell Pittsburgh as ‘Pittsberg’ if you can't cope with correct pronunciation.
the news will be most welcome to those whose jobs will now be safeguarded.
the announcement received an immediate welcome from childcare agencies.
we arrange a framework of activities which you are welcome to join.
after so much drift, any expression of enthusiasm is welcome.
they would welcome liberation from their tyrannous oppressor.
he went to meet them with his hand stretched out in welcome.
it would be narrow-minded not to welcome these developments.
the bank's decision to cut its rates was widely welcomed.
I welcome without qualification the Minister's statement.
he greeted me with salaams and repeated cries of welcome.
spring is a welcome relief from the harshness of winter.
after your walk, the tea room serves a welcome cuppa.
a downtick in the unemployment rate is welcome news.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (ADJECTIVE)welkom
Arabic (NOUN)مرحبا بكم, اهلا بكم
(VERB)نرحب, أرحب, يرحب, ترحب
(ADJECTIVE)الترحيب, ترحيب, موضع ترحيب, مرحب بك
Bangla আপনাকে স্বাগতম
Bosnian (Latin) Dobrodošli
Bulgarian (ADJECTIVE)добре дошли, поздравява, посрещане, приветствено, заповядайте, началната
(VERB)приветстваме, посрещне
(NOUN)приветствие, началния
Cantonese (Traditional) 歡迎
Catalan (NOUN)Benvingut
(ADJECTIVE)benvinguda, acollida
Chinese Simplified 欢迎
Chinese Traditional 歡迎
Croatian (NOUN)dobrodošli
(ADJECTIVE)dobrodošao, pozdravljaju
(VERB)pozdraviti, dočekati
Czech (NOUN)Vítejte, Vítá vás, úvodní
(ADJECTIVE)vítáni, uvítací
(VERB)přivítat, vítám, uvítal
Danish (NOUN)velkommen
(ADJECTIVE)velkomne, kærkommen
(VERB)bifalder, glæder os over, hilser, byde, byde velkommen, glad
Dutch (NOUN)Welkom, hartelijk welkom
(VERB)verwelkomen, juich, verheugd over, toejuichen, blij, heten
(ADJECTIVE)onthaal, welkome, harte welkom
Estonian (NOUN)Tere tulemast, tervitus
(ADJECTIVE)teretulnud, Tere, oodatud, rahul
Fijian kidavaki
Filipino Maligayang pagdating
Finnish (ADJECTIVE)Tervetuloa, mieluinen, myönteistä, vastaanoton
(VERB)myönteisenä, tyytyväinen, toivottaa, iloinen
French (NOUN)Bienvenue
(ADJECTIVE)bienvenus, accueil, invités
(VERB)accueillir, salue, félicitons, réjouissons
German (ADJECTIVE)willkommen, Begrüßung, Empfang, herzlich eingeladen
(VERB)begrüßen, willkommen heißen
Greek (NOUN)Καλώς ήρθατε, Καλωσορίσατε
(ADJECTIVE)ευπρόσδεκτη, καλωσόρισμα, καλώς, υποδοχή
(VERB)καλωσορίσω, χαιρετίζω, υποδεχθεί, ικανοποίηση
Haitian Creole Byenvini
Hebrew (NOUN)ברוך הבא, ברוכים הבאים, הפתיחה
(ADJECTIVE)מוזמן, ברוך שובך, קבלת פנים, רצוי, רצויה, מוזמנים
(VERB)בברכה, קבלו
Hindi (ADJECTIVE)स्वागत, वागत
(VERB)स्वागत करते
Hmong Daw txais tos
Hungarian (NOUN)Üdvözöljük, köszöntő
(ADJECTIVE)üdvözlő, szívesen, örvendetes, fogadtatást, várunk, Üdv
(VERB)üdvözlöm, köszöntöm
Icelandic (ADJECTIVE)velkominn
(NOUN)Velkomin, kynningu
(VERB)fögnum, fagna, bjóða
Indonesian (ADJECTIVE)selamat datang, dipersilakan, sambutan, disambut, diterima
Italian (ADJECTIVE)benvenuto, accoglienza, gradita, invitati
(VERB)accogliere, Accolga favorevolmente
Japanese (NOUN)ようこそ
(ADJECTIVE)歓迎, ウェルカム, 大歓迎
Kiswahili (ADJECTIVE)kuwakaribisha
Klingon yI'el
Korean (ADJECTIVE)환영, 웰컴
Latvian (NOUN)Laipni lūdzam
(ADJECTIVE)apsveicami, laipni, sveiciena, iepazīšanās, gaidīti
(VERB)sveikt, priecājamies, Apsveicam
Lithuanian (NOUN)Sveiki atvykę į
(ADJECTIVE)Sveiki, laukiami, pasveikinimo, pritariu, sutikimo
(VERB)pasveikinti, Sveikiname, kviečiame
Malagasy tonga soa ato
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)selamat datang
(VERB)mengalu, menyambut
(ADJECTIVE)alu, alukan, dialu, aluan
Maltese (NOUN)Merħba
Norwegian Bokmål velkommen
Persian (NOUN)خوش آمدید, خوش
(ADJECTIVE)خوش آمد, استقبال
Polish (NOUN)Zapraszamy, Witaj, powitalnym
(ADJECTIVE)Witamy, powitanie, serdecznie
(VERB)powitać, przyjęcie
Portuguese (ADJECTIVE)bem-vindo, boas vindas, sejam bem-vindos, convidado
(NOUN)boa vinda, bem vindos, Benvindo, Seja bem-vindo
(VERB)acolher, saudar, receber
Querétaro Otomi bienvenida
Romanian (ADJECTIVE)bun venit, binevenit, întâmpinare, invitaţi, venit
(NOUN)Bine ați venit
(VERB)saluta, întâmpina
Russian (VERB)приветствуем, поприветствовать
(NOUN)Добро пожаловать, приглашаем
(ADJECTIVE)прием, желанными, рады, гостеприимсво
Samoan Susu maia
Serbian (Cyrillic) Добро дошли
Serbian (Latin) Dobro došli
Slovak (NOUN)Vitajte
(ADJECTIVE)vítané, uvítací, privítanie, úvodnej
(VERB)vítame, privítať, uvítal
Slovenian (NOUN)Dobrodošli, Pozdravljeni
(ADJECTIVE)dobrodošel, pozdravno
Spanish (NOUN)Bienvenido
(ADJECTIVE)recepción, bienvenidas, agradable, acogida
Swedish (NOUN)Välkommen
(VERB)välkomnar, hälsar
Tahitian farii
Tamil (NOUN)வரவேற்பு
Telugu స్వాగతం
Thai (ADJECTIVE)ต้อนรับ, เวลคัม
Tongan talitali lelei
Turkish (NOUN)hoş geldiniz
(ADJECTIVE)hoş geldin, karşılama, edilir, hoş, davetli, bekliyoruz
Ukrainian (NOUN)Ласкаво просимо, привітання, запрошуємо
(ADJECTIVE)вітаємо, привітальне, вітальний, вітаються, прийом
(VERB)вітати, вітаю
Urdu (NOUN)خوش آمدید, اِستقبال, خیر مقدم
(ADJECTIVE)ویلکم, استقبالیہ
Vietnamese (ADJECTIVE)chào đón, chào mừng, hoan nghênh
(NOUN)Chào mừng đến với
(VERB)đón, mừng
Welsh (VERB)croesawu, groesawu, chroesawu, falch
(ADJECTIVE)croeso, w groesawu, groeso, derbyniol
Yucatec Maya bienvenida
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