wheels (plural noun)
  1. a circular object that revolves on an axle and is fixed below a vehicle or other object to enable it to move easily over the ground.
    "a chair on wheels"
    disc · hoop · ring · circle
    • a circular object that revolves on an axle and forms part of a machine.
    • (the wheel)
      used in reference to the cycle of a specified condition or set of events.
      "the final release from the wheel of life"
    • historical
      (the wheel)
      a large wheel used as an instrument of punishment or torture, especially by binding someone to it and breaking their limbs.
      "a man sentenced to be broken on the wheel"
  2. a machine or structure having a wheel as its essential part.
    • (the wheel)
      the steering wheel of a vehicle or vessel.
      "his crew know when he wants to take the wheel"
      driving · steering · in the driving seat · in the driver's seat ·
      in charge of
    • a device with a revolving disc or drum used in various games of chance.
    • a system, or a part of a system, regarded as a relentlessly moving machine.
      "the wheels of justice"
  3. informal
    a car.
    "she's got wheels now"
    motor car · automobile · motor · machine · wheels · heap · crate ·
    (old) banger · jalopy · limo · auto · hooptie · horseless carriage
  4. a thing resembling a wheel, in particular a cheese made in the form of a shallow disc.
    "a small wheel of Brie"
  5. an instance of wheeling; a turn or rotation.
    short for big wheel.
  7. a set of short lines, typically five in number and rhyming, concluding the stanza of a poem.
wheels (third person present) · wheeled (past tense) · wheeled (past participle) · wheeling (present participle)
  1. push or pull (a vehicle with wheels).
    "the tea trolley was wheeled out"
    push · trundle · roll
    • carry in or on a vehicle with wheels.
      "a young woman is wheeled into the operating theatre"
    • informal
      (wheel something on/out)
      produce something that is unimpressive because it has been frequently seen or heard before.
      "the old journalistic arguments have been wheeled out"
  2. (of a bird or aircraft) fly in a wide circle or curve.
    "the birds wheeled and dived"
    • turn round quickly so as to face another way.
      "Robert wheeled round to see the face of Mr Mafouz"
    • turn or seem to turn on an axis or pivot.
      "the stars wheeled through the sky"
Old English hwēol (noun), of Germanic origin, from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit cakra ‘wheel, circle’ and Greek kuklos ‘circle’.
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the head and chest injuries that even restrained drivers can suffer through impact with the steering wheel.
to ensure greater response and surer handling, the engineers used electronic sensors to monitor each wheel.
the helmsman was forced to use the engines in conjunction with the wheel to prevent a broach.
medieval inventions included spectacles for reading and the spinning wheel.
the greater lateral forces encountered by the front wheel during cornering.
some poor criminal … from the gibbet or the wheel, respited for a day.
the lorry was wedged in the ditch, one wheel clear of the ground.
I got sleepy and needed her to spell me for a while at the wheel.
the pots are made with a simple hand-operated potter's wheel.
he clenched the steering wheel so hard that the car wobbled.
the danger of overtired drivers falling asleep at the wheel.
I wrench the steering wheel back and thrash on up the hill.
a wheelbarrow with a ball-shaped wheel for added stability.
this tool accurately checks for proper dishing of a wheel.
his knuckles were white as he gripped the steering wheel.
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How to say wheel in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)wiel
Arabic (NOUN)عجلة, العجلة, عجلة القيادة, دولاب, عجلات, المقود
Bangla চাকা
Bosnian (Latin) kolo
Bulgarian (NOUN)колело, волана, челен
Cantonese (Traditional)
Catalan (NOUN)roda, volant, rodes, rodeta, torn
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Croatian (NOUN)kotača, volan, kolo, točak, upravljača, kolu, kormilo
Czech (NOUN)kolo, kolečko, volantem, kotouč, kola, kol, chránič
Danish (NOUN)hjul, rattet, fælg
Dutch (NOUN)wiel, rad, stuur, muiswiel, velg, montage
Estonian (NOUN)ratta, ratast, sild, rooliratta, autoroolis, kerimisratast, juhtnuppu, velje
Fijian yava ni qiqi
Filipino gulong
Finnish (NOUN)pyörän, ratissa, rattiin, kiekkopainiketta, rullaa, pyörien
French (NOUN)roue, volant, meule, molette, rad, roulette, jante
German (NOUN)Rad, Lenkrad, Steuer, Laufrad, Mausrad, Räder, Felge, Scheibe
Greek (NOUN)τροχό, ρόδα, ροδών, τιμόνι, τροχών, ρόδας, αναπηρικό
Haitian Creole rou
Hebrew (NOUN)גלגל, הגלגל, ההגה, בגלגל, גלגלים, הגה, לגלגל
Hindi (NOUN)पहिया, व्हील, पहिए, पहिएदार, चक्र
Hmong Daw log
Hungarian (NOUN)kerék, felni, görgőjével, volán, görgetőkerekének, kormány
Icelandic (NOUN)hjól, stýrinu
Indonesian (NOUN)roda, kemudi
Italian (NOUN)ruota, rotella, ruote, volante, mola, disco
Japanese (NOUN)ホイール, 車輪, 輪, 砥石, ホィール
Kiswahili (NOUN)gurudumu
Klingon rutlh
Korean (NOUN)휠, 바퀴, 휠을, 륜, 휠이, 바퀴가, 운전대, 휠과, 휠의, 선회
Latvian (NOUN)ritenīti, ripu, rats, stūres, ripa, rata, stūri
Lithuanian (NOUN)rato, ratų, ratuku, ratas, vairo, ratiniai, ratai, ratą, dviračių
Malagasy kodiarana
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)roda
Maltese (NOUN)rota, roti
Norwegian Bokmål hjul
Persian (NOUN)چرخ
Polish (NOUN)koła, koło, kierownicą, kół, kołem, kółkiem, kole, kółka, kółko, kołowe
Portuguese (NOUN)roda, volante, rodas, leme, roleta
Querétaro Otomi rueda
Romanian (NOUN)roata, roţi, volan, pneuri
Russian (NOUN)колесо, руль, штурвал
Samoan Uili
Serbian (Cyrillic) точак
Serbian (Latin) točak
Slovak (NOUN)koleso, volantom, kolies, kolo, bicykel, kola
Slovenian (NOUN)kolo, kolesa, volanom, obrniti, trikolesna
Spanish (NOUN)rueda, volante, muela, timón, disco
Swedish (NOUN)hjul, rullar, ratten, fälgen
Tahitian te huira
Tamil சக்கரம்
Telugu వీల్
Thai (NOUN)ล้อ
Tongan ve'eteka
Turkish (NOUN)tekerlek, çark, çarkı, jant, direksiyon, simidi, lastikli, dümeni
Ukrainian (NOUN)колесо, колісні, коліщатко, за кермом, кермо, колі, круг
Urdu (NOUN)پہیا, پہیہ, چرخہ, ویل
Vietnamese (NOUN)bánh xe, bánh
Welsh (NOUN)olwyn, cadeiriau olwyn
Yucatec Maya Balk'es
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