wrenches (plural noun)
  1. a sudden violent twist or pull.
    "with a wrench Tony wriggled free"
    tug · pull · jerk · jolt · wrest · heave · twist · yank
  2. a feeling of sadness or distress caused by one's own or another's departure.
    "it will be a real wrench to leave after eight years"
    painful parting · distressing separation · traumatic event · pain · ache ·
  3. an adjustable tool like a spanner, used for gripping and turning nuts or bolts.
    "you will need a wrench to tighten it in position"
    spanner · adjustable spanner · monkey wrench
  4. mechanics
    a combination of a couple with a force along its axis.
wrenches (third person present) · wrenched (past tense) · wrenched (past participle) · wrenching (present participle)
  1. pull or twist suddenly and violently.
    "Casey grabbed the gun and wrenched it from my hand" ·
    "she wrenched herself free of his grip"
    tug · pull · jerk · wrest · heave · twist · tear · rip · pluck · grab · seize ·
    snatch · force · take by force · remove by force · prise · peel · pry · yank
    • injure (a part of the body) as a result of a sudden twisting movement.
      "she slipped and wrenched her ankle"
      sprain · twist · turn · strain · rick · crick · pull · dislocate ·
      put out of joint · damage · injure · hurt
    • archaic
      distort to fit a particular theory or interpretation.
      "to wrench our Bible to make it fit a misconception of facts"
  2. turn (something, especially a nut or bolt) with a wrench.
late Old English wrencan ‘twist’, of unknown origin.
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How to use wrench in a sentence?
to wrench our Bible to make it fit a misconception of facts.
I wrench the steering wheel back and thrash on up the hill.
it will be a real wrench to leave after eight years.
Casey grabbed the gun and wrenched it from my hand.
you will need a wrench to tighten it in position.
she wrenched herself free of his grip.
he swung at me with the tyre wrench.
she slipped and wrenched her ankle.
with a wrench Tony wriggled free.
How to say wrench in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans afskeid
Arabic (NOUN)وجع, رينش, ملوي, المفك
(ADJECTIVE)مفتاح الربط
Bangla রেঞ্জ
Bosnian (Latin) Francuski ključ
Bulgarian (NOUN)гаечен ключ, Бесният
Cantonese (Traditional) 士巴拿
Catalan (ADJECTIVE)estirades
Chinese Simplified 扳手
Chinese Traditional 扳手
Croatian (NOUN)iščašenje, ključ
Czech (NOUN)hasák, vyškubnout, klíč
Danish (NOUN)skruenøgle, svensknøgle
Dutch (NOUN)moersleutel
Estonian (NOUN)mutrivõti
Filipino lyabe
Finnish (NOUN)jakoavain, riuhtaisu, avaimella
French (NOUN)clé, tourne-à-gauche, molette, clef
German (NOUN)Schraubenschlüssel, Rohrzange, Schlüsselweite
Greek (NOUN)κλειδί, στραμπούληγμα
Haitian Creole oule
Hebrew מפתח ברגים
Hindi (NOUN)रिंच
Hmong Daw ciaj ntswj
Hungarian (NOUN)csavarkulcs
Icelandic skrúfmúffa
Indonesian (NOUN)kunci pas
Italian (NOUN)chiave
Japanese (NOUN)レンチ, スパナ
Kiswahili bisibisi
Korean (NOUN)렌치
Latvian (NOUN)izmežģījums, uzgriežņatslēga
Lithuanian (ADJECTIVE)veržliarakčio
Malagasy lakile
Malay (Latin) sepana
Norwegian Bokmål skiftenøkkelen
Persian (ADJECTIVE)آچار, ورنچس
Polish (ADJECTIVE)klucza
Portuguese (NOUN)chave, torquímetro, alicate, arrastão
Querétaro Otomi llave
Romanian (NOUN)scrântire, cheie
Russian (NOUN)гаечный ключ, ключ
(ADJECTIVE)гаечного ключа
Samoan palaea
Serbian (Cyrillic) Француски кључ
Serbian (Latin) Francuski ključ
Slovak (NOUN)vyškubnout, vymknutí, kľúč
Slovenian (NOUN)Iščašenje, ključa
Spanish (NOUN)llave
Swedish (NOUN)skiftnyckel
Tamil ரென்ச்
Telugu రెంచీ
Thai ประแจ
Turkish (ADJECTIVE)İngiliz anahtarı, somun
(NOUN)anahtarı, sıkmalar, Kerpeten
Ukrainian гайкового ключа
Urdu اچانک کھینچ لینا
Vietnamese (NOUN)chìa khoá
Yucatec Maya wach'ebo'
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