yells (plural noun)
  1. a loud, sharp cry of pain, surprise, or delight.
    "her foot slipped and she gave a yell of fear"
    cry · yelp · call · shout · howl · yowl · wail · scream · shriek · screech ·
    squawk · squeal · bay · roar · bawl · yawp · whoop · caterwaul · holler
    an extremely amusing person or thing.
    laugh · hoot · comedy · gas · giggle · lark · riot · bundle of fun ·
    bundle of laughs · yell · wit · hoot · comedian · comic · entertainer · joker · clown · buffoon · character · gas · giggle · riot · hard case · caution · case · card · yell
yells (third person present) · yelled (past tense) · yelled (past participle) · yelling (present participle)
  1. shout in a loud, sharp way.
    "you heard me losing my temper and yelling at her"
    cry out · call out · call at the top of one's voice · yelp · shout · howl ·
    yowl · wail · scream · shriek · screech · squawk · squeal · bay · roar · bawl · yawp · whoop · caterwaul · holler · ululate
Old English g(i)ellan (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gillen and German gellen.
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How to use yell in a sentence?
he had to yell to be heard over the sound of the labouring engine.
you heard me losing my temper and yelling at her.
her foot slipped and she gave a yell of fear.
How to say yell in other languages?
Laguages Translations
Afrikaans gil
Arabic (NOUN)يصيح, صيحة, يال, يصرخ, صرخة
(VERB)الصراخ, تصرخ, أصرخ, تصرخي, تصيح, يصرخون
Bangla গর্জন
Bosnian (Latin) vikati
Bulgarian (VERB)крещи, вика, крещя, викам, вик
Cantonese (Traditional) 吆喝
Catalan (VERB)cridar
Chinese Simplified 吆喝
Chinese Traditional 吆喝
Croatian (VERB)vikati, vičeš, viči, derati, deri, dereš
Czech (VERB)křičet, řvát, hulákat, ječet
Danish (VERB)råbe, råber
Dutch (VERB)schreeuwen
Estonian (VERB)kisa
Fijian Kailavaki
Filipino sumigaw
Finnish (VERB)huutaa, hihkaisu
French (VERB)crier, hurler, gueule
(NOUN)hurlement, cri
German (VERB)schreien, kreischen
Greek (VERB)φωνάζω, φωνάξει
Haitian Creole kri
Hebrew (VERB)לצעוק, תצעק, צועק
Hindi (VERB)चिल्लाना
Hmong Daw nthe
Hungarian (VERB)sikolt, kiabálni, ordított
Icelandic (VERB)öskra, æpa
Indonesian (VERB)berteriak
Italian (VERB)urlare, gridare
(NOUN)urlo, urli, grido
Japanese (VERB)叫ぶ, 大声
(NOUN)気合, イェル, 気合い, エール, 叫び声
Klingon jach
Korean (VERB)지르고, 그러고, 소리
Latvian (VERB)bļaut, kliegt
Lithuanian (VERB)klykauti
Malagasy mivazavaza
Malay (Latin) menjerit
Norwegian Bokmål skrike
Persian (VERB)داد
Polish (VERB)krzyczeć, wyć
Portuguese (VERB)gritar, berrar
Romanian (VERB)tipa, răcnet, ţipi, tipe, striga
Russian (VERB)кричать, орать, наорать, покричать, накричать, вопить, ори, закричу
(NOUN)вопль, крик
Samoan ee
Serbian (Cyrillic) Дери се
Serbian (Latin) Deri se
Slovak (VERB)revať, kričať, řvát, jačať, řev
Slovenian (VERB)vpij, kričati, tulijo, vpiti, krik
Spanish (VERB)gritar, gritarle
Swedish (VERB)skrika
Tahitian tuo
Tamil கலைஞானியின்
Telugu అరుస్తుంటారు
Thai ตะโกน
Tongan kaikaila
Turkish (VERB)bağırmak
Ukrainian (VERB)кричати
Urdu پکارنا
Vietnamese (VERB)hét
Welsh gweiddi
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