yields (third person present) · yielded (past tense) · yielded (past participle) · yielding (present participle)
  1. produce or provide (a natural, agricultural, or industrial product).
    "the land yields grapes and tobacco"
    produce · bear · give · supply · provide · afford · return · bring in ·
    pull in · haul in · gather in · fetch · earn · net · realize · generate · furnish · bestow · pay out · contribute · rake in
  2. give way to arguments, demands, or pressure.
    "the Western powers now yielded when they should have resisted" ·
    "he yielded to the demands of his partners"
    surrender · capitulate · submit · relent · admit defeat · accept defeat ·
    concede defeat · back down · climb down · quit · give in · give up the struggle · lay down one's arms · raise/show the white flag · knuckle under · be overcome · be overwhelmed · be conquered · be beaten · fall victim · throw in the towel · throw in the sponge · cave in · accede to · submit to · bow down to · defer to · comply with · conform to · agree to · consent to · go along with · be guided by · heed · note · pay attention to · grant · permit · allow · sanction · warrant
    • relinquish possession of.
      "they might yield up their secrets" ·
      "they are forced to yield ground"
      relinquish · surrender · part with · deliver up · hand over ·
      turn over · give over · make over · bequeath · remit · cede · leave · sacrifice
    • concede (a point of dispute).
      "I yielded the point"
      give right of way to other traffic.
  3. (of a mass or structure) give way under force or pressure.
    "he reeled into the house as the door yielded"
    bend · give · flex · be flexible · be pliant
yields (plural noun)
  1. an amount produced of an agricultural or industrial product.
    "the milk yield was poor"
Old English g(i)eldan ‘pay, repay’, of Germanic origin. The senses ‘produce, bear’ and ‘surrender’ arose in Middle English.
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if other short-term interest rates are higher than the current yield, the bond is said to involve a negative carry.
these salts yield basic solutions comparable in strength with the mineral alkalis.
these compounds are dissociated by solar radiation to yield atoms of chlorine.
the Western powers now yielded when they should have resisted.
the yield at which the interest is compounded.
testing will yield falsely reassuring results.
he reeled into the house as the door yielded.
such investments yield direct cash returns.
he yielded to the demands of his partners.
an annual dividend yield of 20 per cent.
this method yields the same results.
the land yields grapes and tobacco.
they might yield up their secrets.
they are forced to yield ground.
the milk yield was poor.
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Laguages Translations
Afrikaans (NOUN)opbrengs
Arabic (NOUN)الغلة, العائد, المحصول, محصول
(VERB)تسفر عن, تسفر, تحقق
Bangla ফলন
Bosnian (Latin) prinos
Bulgarian (NOUN)доходност, добив, рандеман, реколта, улов
(VERB)доведе до, дават, донесат
Cantonese (Traditional) 產量
Catalan (NOUN)rendiment
(VERB)cedir, produir
Chinese Simplified 产量
Chinese Traditional 產量
Croatian (NOUN)prinos, uroda, urod
(VERB)rodina, donose, daju
Czech (NOUN)výnos, výtěžnost, užitkovosti
Danish (NOUN)udbytte, afkast, høstudbyttet, tilvækst
Dutch (NOUN)opbrengst, rendement, vastrentende, oogst
(VERB)opleveren, opbrengen
Estonian (NOUN)saagis, saak, tootlus
Fijian ni soro
Filipino ani
Finnish (NOUN)tuotto, saanto, tuoton, sadon, sato, satoa
(VERB)tuottaa, saadaan, tuota, periksi
French (NOUN)rendement, cédez
German (NOUN)Ausbeute, Ertrag, Rendite
(VERB)nachgeben, ergeben, erbringen
Greek (NOUN)απόδοση
(VERB)αποφέρει, παραγάγει, αποδώσει
Haitian Creole rendement
Hebrew (NOUN)תשואה, התשואה, תפוקה
(VERB)תניב, להניב, נכנע
Hindi (NOUN)उपज, यील्ड, पैदावार, प्राप्ति, प्रतिभूति
Hmong Daw paib
Hungarian (NOUN)hozam, terméshozam, kapacitású, terem
(VERB)járulni, engedni, termés
Icelandic (NOUN)ávöxtun, afrakstur
(VERB)skila, gefið
Indonesian (VERB)menghasilkan, mengalah, menyerah
(NOUN)hasil, Rendemen
Italian (NOUN)resa, rendimento, prodotta, rese, raccolto
(VERB)cedere, produrre
Japanese (NOUN)収量, 収率, 歩留まり, 利回り, 降伏, イールド, 歩留り, 収穫
(VERB)もたらす, 得ら
Kiswahili (NOUN)mavuno
Klingon jegh
Korean (NOUN)항복, 수확량, 수율, 수익률, 생산량, 출력량
(VERB)양보, 산출, 낼
Latvian (NOUN)raža, ražu, ienesīguma, ražas, ieguvums, peļņu, ienākumu
Lithuanian (NOUN)derlius, išeiga, pelningumo, takumo, primilžio, pajamų
(VERB)duoti, duoda, derlių
Malagasy manaiky
Malay (Latin) (NOUN)hasil, pulangan
Maltese (NOUN)rendiment, ġabra, ħsad, produzzjoni, qligħ, frott, riżultat, ġbir
(VERB)jipproduċu, jagħtu
Norwegian Bokmål avkastning
Persian (NOUN)عملكرد, عملکرد
Polish (NOUN)plon, wydajność, uzysku, produktywności, dochodu, rentowność
(VERB)dają, przynieść
Portuguese (NOUN)rendimento, safra, rentabilidade
(VERB)render, produzir, ceder
Querétaro Otomi rendimiento
Romanian (NOUN)randament, producţia, capacitate, rentabilităţii, recoltei
(VERB)cedeze, ceda, produce, genera
Russian (NOUN)доходность, урожайность, выход
(VERB)уступают, принести, дают
Samoan gauai atu
Serbian (Cyrillic) принос
Serbian (Latin) prinos
Slovak (NOUN)výnos, výťažnosťou, úrody
Slovenian (NOUN)donos, pridelek, pričakovani, izkoristek
(VERB)prinesla, dá, donašati, dobimo
Spanish (VERB)dió, rendir, producir
(NOUN)rendimiento, cede, producción, rinde, rentabilidad
Swedish (NOUN)avkastning, yielden, skörden
Tahitian faatupu i te
Tamil மகசூல்
Telugu దిగుబడి
Thai ผลตอบแทน
Tongan fakavaivai
Turkish (NOUN)verim, akma, kapasiteli
Ukrainian (NOUN)прибутковість, врожайність, дохідність, вихід, виходу
(VERB)поступаються, принести, дають, давати
Urdu (NOUN)پیداوار
Vietnamese (NOUN)năng suất
(VERB)mang lại
Welsh (NOUN)arennill, cynnyrch, cnwd, cynhyrchiant, gynnyrch, chynnyrch
Yucatec Maya rendimiento
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